Finally a winner is chosen

Finally a winner is chosen


Sorry for the delay. This one was MUCH closer than I previously expected. In the past we’ve done some “tournament style” judging, but since there weren’t as many contestants on this one, I opted to open this one up for all of you.

As usual, this contest produced some great stuff. You’re all VERY talented and deserved to all be in the running.

I don’t expect the other judges to volunteer their opinions or to even mention that they were a judge. That is totally at their discression, but I’ll go ahead and comment briefly on everyone’s entry.

Keep in mind, my breakdown is not in any particular order at all. I’m going to run through them in the order they are currently listed on the page (by date).

@Wicked : This one ROCKS. Personally, I think you should get this one out there. I could see someone making a hilarious video to go with it. Funny and clever for sure!

@feaker : Man, you did awesome on this one and should be proud! It’s one of your most polished pieces of work I’ve heard you do so far. Great harmonies and creative touches! Love what you did lyrically and the style. Killer job!

@steban and @ingolee : This one is super creative. You did some really great work with your utilization of effects without overdoing it. Love that you guys collaborated on this!! :beerbanger:

@jamestoffee : Honestly James, this is seriously one of my personal favorites. It TOTALLY brings me back to when I used to listen to Dr. Demento on the radio late at night when I was a kid. You knocked that style out of the park! So clever. You better get this one out there to the Demento crowd!

@Chordwainer : Dude! What can I add that hasn’t already been said. This one was clearly right up your alley and you did a fantastic job with it. I’m glad you utilized the “bash this” to work out any kinks. You did great!

@Aef : This one is killer! This one really surprised me. Going into it I almost expected that “funky” would equal “cheesy”. This simply wasn’t the case. You did this with musical maturity and class. Awesome job!

@steban : Liking this vibe you gave it. I didn’t think anyone could give this tune a laid back feel and you totally did! Fun version!

@ManAbyss : I became a fan of your band thanks to this entry. Awesome job and you nailed the feel! Those vocals!!! so tasty!

@Cristina : I at least should give you an honorable mention for your cover! Although you didn’t end up doing an “official” entry, that video you did was awesome!! I hope it works out for you to do some of the next covers! For those that haven’t heard it, make sure you check it out. Its awesome

SO… hopefully I didn’t forget anyone!

Now for the Top 3 :slight_smile:

I’m wishing I had been in a position to come up with a 3rd and 2nd prize, 'cause you both totally deserve one. At the very least, you scored some good points for the overall contest.

For 3rd place, we have @Aef. Great job!! I should mention, @ManAbyss, you were crazy close to sneaking into this spot!

2nd place (and SOOO close to pulling off the win) : @Wicked. It was seriously close and I still want to see you release this one. It’s awesome!

and the winner…

@Chordwainer takes it by the slimmest of margins! Awesome work!! :beerbanger:


Congrats Dave @Chordwainer !


Congrats Dave. I had a hunch from day one:)


Well done Dave! You deserve it.
Being a NASA scientist is one thing, but winning an IRD competition, well what can I say… :beerbanger::beerbanger::beerbanger::beerbanger::beerbanger::beerbanger::beerbanger::beerbanger::beerbanger::beerbanger:


Congrats, @Chordwainer!


Congratulations @Chordwainer! That was a fine, fine cover for sure.

To everyone else… great job. You guys gave Dave some serious competition. The amount of talent here never fails to amaze and inspire. Thanks for that!


Well, gosh…! I am truly honored and flattered to have even been in the mix for competing on this (see what I did there?) with all the other fine, fine renditions that were entered. They are so excellent each in their respective ways! My hat is off to all the contestants for setting such a high standard.

And I want to once again thank all the folks who made such outstanding suggestions on the arrangement at the Bash This phase. There’s no way I would have been competitive but for those hugely important pieces of advice and constructive criticism.

And finally, my thanks to all who voted and to whomever the judges were for the final stage. I know it takes significant effort to do the judging especially, and I’m grateful for the time and mental investment made.

I’ll just be over here blushing… :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:


Thank you for the organization and encouragement, holster :smiley:


Congrats Dave and well deserved! As I have said, I like your version better than the original. And well done everyone! I am amazed at the talent and creativity on this board.


Hey Hey!!! Congrats - You’ll have to let us all know what you think of that new guitar. :wink:


Congratulations Dave (Chordwainer)! Very well deserved!

Your song was my personal favourite. I love that version! I was hoping that you would win if I didn’t. :grin:Your cover was perfect. The whole mood that you captured…just so damn good!

There were a few others that I grew to like quite a bit also but I think we got the right winner this time.


Congratulations Dave!
A well deserved victory.
Great feel on this one and great recording of the acoustic instruments.
My bassist says it was one of the best sounding acoustic guitars he ever heard.
Enjoy your prizes!


Congratulations Chordwainer, your track is indeed quite well done but I most admire the creative concept and style behind it.


When I first heard your version, @Chordwainer, I was impressed. I mean, it left an impression on me how cool it was, even though it was so uncluttered an arrangement. I thought it was the easy winner. But then I heard the rest, and each did have so much creativity and talent that I quickly realized this was a horse race. I could see the appeal for them all. And all this over a 50s pop song! Congratulations, my fellow greater Houstonian.