Fifties demo

Fifties track i just started. It needs a ton. Just for fun

I want you need you love you

There’s a place where lovers go… that you will never find D Bm G A

In the grass… behind a tree….they’ll be intertwined

Screams of passion fill the air …go on and on until the end of time….8 count to D7

I want you I need you I love you…every single minute of the day

Memories bring fantasy in that special place… when you hold me in your loving arms

Dooo wops

Over and over and over again …the cyle will continue

Lovers plan their rondevous they’l find a place that will do

Frantic kisses buttons popping expectations just like me and you

I want you I need you I love you…every single minute of the day

Memories bring fantasy in that special place… when you hold me in your loving arms

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Ah, I had a listen yesterday… I thought it was really cool! If you want the authentic 50’s vibe, you’ll need to add in quite a bit of plate or chamber style reverb (especially on the vocals), and make the drums a little thinner sounding. If you can, try just using the room mics on the drums, take off any crazy distorted compression, and narrow the stereo image. I dug it!

Hi Andy Yeah I hear you on all counts. I think it needs a bridge.

I don’t do well with reverbs. Seems like I can’t hear the vox as well. Have to check out the types in studio one. I put in what was called big room on the EQ on the drums. I will take that off. I will have to see if i can do the room mics in S1 also. Good time to experiment.
Some gal bgv’s would really help. I put it out there for a quick feeler. You delivered. Thanks you much…now back at it.

I put some “cathedral” reverb on the vox it said 20%…seemed like alot. No room mic’s that I could fine in EZ? Fun to mess with

Yeah, I feel like there’s potentially a bigger production there, more voices, more stuff going on, and maybe a bit peppier pace/tempo. While there were a few slow and dreamy pop songs during that time, a lot of stuff was peppy enough to get people moving while driving down the road in a Pontiac convertible on a hot summer night, listening to the AM radio, cruising “the strip”, etc. That may or may not appeal to you, and this is a decade later than you’re targeting but it’s what came to mind. Not as a reference, but possibly a little bit of bubble-gum Pop inspiration.

ha ha I sang all the words with him just now. lame but fun for sure
Yep the song is 84 bpm. I bumped it to 90 and had to rush some of the lyrics… Maybe 87?
There is a lot of room for “stuff” I only have six tracks so far. My AM dial was always set to 89 WLS Dick Biondi show out of Chicago. Might have that spelling messed up.
I do my best thinking at 5 am , so I will try some stuff tomorrow morning. I originally thinking like "my boyfriend’s back…hey la hey la. Thanks for your two cents…

I understand that the feel you developed has its own pace. I just thought that since there was a nice story and good lyrics, a bit more toe-tapping and finger-snapping fun might give it a jolt and some more listener appeal. Just a consideration, perhaps, if you do rework it a bit.

I’ve heard that the early bird gets the worm, but with Daylight Shaving Time now you might be getting some night-crawlers. Good luck!

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Hey Stan. I am trying to find some percussion with a little sas, but haven’t yet.

It does drag…I bumped it up only two bpm’s and it kinda helped. I sung some high doo wop harmonies at high A and C…barely pulled it off.

I still pick night crawlers for fishing…however i end up being one of the crawlers back to the truck to hang on the trailer hitch to pull myself back up.

peace man

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Listening again, I just heard the little harmonica part near the end. There are a lot of cool things in this production. I don’t usually like to advocate for “over-production”, but in this case I think your song could benefit from some of the slick studio techniques, even the ones utilized back in that day and time. A little more solid percussion track to drive it at a bit faster tempo could help (though the toms certainly stand out a lot). I don’t know if you’re doing this “to the grid” or not, but while they surely didn’t do that back in the day, it could help this come across more powerfully.

ha ha That mini harp slot was just another filler to waste a couple seconds time.

ez drummer doesn’t give me many choices . I am going to look today into studio one drums and I might be able to combine something. I also did notice the toms were too loud. Not sure why. If i was back home in my own studio I could but something in there with my electronic drum set??

I did use a click track for timing. but i am usually off enough to make it sound original. Both tracks sound the same and today I am going to put in some chink type jabs with my PRS and see if that unclutters a bit.

Also thought of maybe starting out with a ten second vox just talking. Like leader of the pack…I met him at the candy store.
He turned around and smiled at me.Ya get the picture? (Yes, we see) ha ha Have a great Sunday

Or, Feaker of the Pack. :wink: “I met him at the music sto-ore, he showed me his guitar, and so much mo-ore.” :joy:

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