Fever Cover by steban

Fever Cover by steban
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I’m not sure I’m doing this right, but here is my version of Fever. This is all me and Reaper. I haven’t listened to anyone else’s yet, so as not to be discouraged or tempted to compare, as I wanted this to be what it was. I’m sure I’ll enjoy all the entries on many levels!

I finally attached the file! I literally had a low grade fever when I sang this. Not really. I have done very few covers, but this was lots of fun to do. Now I want to listen to the other songs!

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I think you forgot to attach the file :wink:


nicely done. that is what they are looking for. I would focus the vocals a little more and this will be rocking. by that i mean have the effect slightly delayed and a little quieter. That is what i am thinking. Thanks for sharing and good luck.