Fever Cover by steban

I’m not sure I’m doing this right, but here is my version of Fever. This is all me and Reaper. I haven’t listened to anyone else’s yet, so as not to be discouraged or tempted to compare, as I wanted this to be what it was. I’m sure I’ll enjoy all the entries on many levels!

I finally attached the file! I literally had a low grade fever when I sang this. Not really. I have done very few covers, but this was lots of fun to do. Now I want to listen to the other songs!

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I think you forgot to attach the file :wink:

nicely done. that is what they are looking for. I would focus the vocals a little more and this will be rocking. by that i mean have the effect slightly delayed and a little quieter. That is what i am thinking. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

Hi Steban!

I like what you are doing here.
Your version has this dragging tempo that in my opinion suits the song best.
I also like the way you are singing the song. Reminds me a but of David Bowie. :blush:

What I would suggest to improve:
Some high passing on the lead vocal would improve it greatly. It really gets muddy sometimes like you are singing too close to the mic.
The synths you are using sound a bit “plastic” … kinda fake and MIDI sounding. Selecting richer/better sounds would give a more professional result.
Finally, the song ends very abruptly. So, the finale could use some work. Maybe even try a simple fade out.

Good job overall!
Good luck!

Hey Steve, this version has a cool laid back feel to it. I like it. The big issue for me is that the vocal is sitting way on top of the mix, and it doesn’t seem to keep a similar level throughout. Overall, I really like the smokey sleepy vibe you’ve got going on this one. It’s got a lot of potential. Thanks for sharing!

I can hear everything pretty evenly on the iPad Pro. I agree with the comment above about the vocal levels.