Feel Like Making Love, 1975

“Feel Like Makin’ Love” is a song by English supergroup Bad Company. The power ballad originally appeared on the LP Straight Shooter in April 1975 and was released as a single in August of the same year. It was named the 78th best hard rock song of all time.

Make love, not war!!!
For peace in our troubled world!!!

Hope you enjoy my acoustic version.
Feedback and comments is much appreciated.

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I loved the original song back in the day! I really like your vocals on this, very passionate and resonant. I got more of a sense of your vocal inflections and range from this piece. I think I’d really enjoy a more Rock version if that’s something you can do (drums, bass, electric guitar, etc). The last minute or so got pretty close as your playing got more intense. I know power chords on acoustic aren’t always easy or even make sense, but the chorus chords were lacking some low notes and ‘power’ at times. Being mostly an electric player, when I pick up acoustic I’m more inclined to play barre/power chords.

Do you ever do recorded backing tracks? I see some drums in your background. Even some conga drum accompaniment or other percussion could add something to this.

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Hi Stan,
Love all your comments, and sensible feedback.
At this time, I do not have somebody to play with me, and I do not add plugs or effects after I do my recordings.
My videos, at this time, are like “live recordings”.
I used to record audio only, and I was able to record by tracks, and I was able to add any choice of instrument or vocals as I need to.
My current set-up is a " video" type recording and I am not able to add anything after my “one-take” recording.
I will try to get somebody to play with me “live” and record it that way.
Thanks again for the great suggestions, you make so much sense, but my technical capabilities are not so flexible at the moment.

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Yes, your current set-up has kind of become your ‘brand’, and is different from much of the other things posted on this platform. That does give it a certain uniqueness and variety, so I do think it’s a good thing to see some essentially “live recorded” performances. It helps bring back the essence of musicianship, at least in the live music sense.

All that said, I’d certainly enjoy hearing what you do with multi-tracks and mixing/effects if you ever choose to get back into that. You can use REAPER for free, essentially, until you choose to purchase a $60 license. It just gives you a nag screen until you do so. And this forum can offer a lot of support and ideas for that type of production, as it’s what most of us on here do and have done.

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HI Stan,
I will surely check out REAPER if I get back to the audio separate tracks recording. I enjoyed doing it, and adding/removing tracks as needed, and I was using Presonus Studio One. Another thing is that I am not very technically savvy/ inclined to DAW recording. But now I know who to ask.
Thanks again for the feedback!!!

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You have to be very good to pull that off, dude, and you are doing it! The balance, however, was all on the right here, which you can certainly fix.

I collabed with a guy for a long time, probity, who for many years recorded his guitar and Roland drum machine and vocals all on one track. Frankly, it was impressive the feel of the output, but there were so many times he could not even spot edit it, much less replace the entire vocal or guitar part after the fact. He would often record the entire song several times and go with the one that as a whole sounded best. I personally make so many mistakes in real time I could never dream of recording that way, but for you it isn’t much of a problem.

I’m pretty sure you could put the video audio track in Reaper and add other tracks on top pretty easily- drums, bass, other guitars, keys, horns, strings, harmonies- the only thing is adjusting the timing since you play without a metronome, but that’s not the end of the world.

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Hi Steve,
Thank you for the great feedback.
This song is an older recording, and I did have issues with right side only audio, which I fixed after moving unto a whole different set-up.
My next upward movement would be to do what you just stated, for my audio video one-track recording, and re-record into Reaper with additional tracks on top of the current recording. I will have to play the drums, and even just a cajon, for percussion.
I will surely try that set-up in the future.
Thank you for the wonderful comments.