Feedback wanted on my mix


I mixed this song which I am not particularly fond of, but it is a genre that I usually don’t listen or work with, and I felt I would learn a few things by committing to it.

Un like the more acoustic genres I’m used to deal with, I am not confident at all about what I did here, so I would very much appreciate any feedback on this mix.

And in case you’re curious, the rough mix:

Hey, I’ll give it a listen tomorrow. You have my word as a Clownpenis.

Listening to the contrast between the before and after mixes, you’ve done a great job of beefing up the rhythms, the textures, and the overall soundstage of the track. You also evened out the massive dynamic irregularities/volume jumps in the lead synth lines, although it still needs more attention in that regard…

…but wow, this is a tricky one… I can hear why you were having trouble with the mix.

I think the biggest issues with this track are not so much the mix, but rather the arrangement and the actual combination of sounds used by the artist. To my ear, the analogue-y sounding 70s style lead synths seem to clash with the modern, loopy glitch-ish beats and sound snippets.

I don’t really know the solution… Maybe this is a new genre waiting to happen, but I think the production needs a fair bit of refinement and rearrangement before it’s really mix ready.

I don’t think I’m much help in this genre, I’m more of a rock/metal guy. It sounds good to an outsider if that helps you at all. The EQ choices are good, and the real thing definitely sounds better than the rough.

Thanks guys. The song has been recorded with cheap sounds with regards to today’s EDM standards so I don’t think there is a lot to do anyway. I was particularly interested in your opinions on the rhythm section since I’m always afraid to mess up the low frequencies.

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