Favorite video game audio?

Best video game audio…for any reason whatsoever. Thoughts?


I was always a big fan of the classic Nintendo stuff. Zelda, Mario, etc

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Jeremy Soule’s game scores are all excellent.

And the sound design overall in Skyrim is just spectacular. So immersive, particularly when using a 3D sound mod. Combined with top-end graphics, it is the next best thing to VR.

I have played two games lately that have great sound tracks. Journeys and Unravel and for both it is not because i like the style of music it is just that for both they are such good quality and fit the game.

I almost got Unravel last night! Worth getting?

I enjoyed it. My only real complaint would be that it is not long enough. I didn’t find all of the special objects though so when i get time i will play it again and i am looking forward to that. So I think so.

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I am eagerly awaiting Mass Effect: Andromeda (slated for release on 21 March). The original ME was not great in the audio department, but they raised their game by the time they got to ME3. Some of the musical compositions were excellent though— hoping for another quality jump for ME:A.

I seem to recall Myst having good audio. At least given the timeframe that it was released.

For me the best game ever was Shadow of the Colossus - the soundtrack made the game even more tense and dramatic - if that’s possible!

Streets of Rage 2 is one of the most popular video game soundtracks of all time isn’t it? You’ve got to love it. Can’t believe no one mentioned that one.