Father's Day rough production for ideas. Styles Bitchley

I’ve been putting a few songs up for suggestions, so may as well give this a shot.

My 93 year old father passed away on June 21st. Father’s Day. It was an honor to be with him for the last few weeks of his life. This song is an attempt to sum up a life well lived in a few verses.
I realize it’s fairly personal to me, but it’s something we all go through one way or another.
The song isn’t fully produced, and needs a human drum track, which is coming sooner or later. Any input on the arrangement is appreciated. I haven’t done much other than faders up and a few eq moves at this point, so it’s a pretty clean slate. Thanks in advance.


Ooh this is sounding GREAT Bob… really like it and it is heart-catching too!
Fab guitaring in there.
I have no suggestions to add at this point, for my ears the bits are all there, well, the drums will add a great extra layer… it just becomes the mixing-up-challenge. Great song, catchy melody and really like the build-up, has an emotional intensity that is quite compelling.

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lovely! and a heart warming violin will go real well in it. But then again I suggest a violin and strings for everything :heart_eyes:

great tribute!

Great sound, great tune! You can always add the usual, more bgv, organ, strings, even horns, it could all work. Sponsor a contest and let us all submit parts and pick what you like?


If anyone would like to contribute, let me know.

contest or no contest but I am down for it. I think I can do violin or light strings in certain parts. Though the arrangement is fine without it but it could definitely add emotion.

Loved the intro. Great singing/vibrato. Chicago feel to me. Nice fill. ha ha I’m not getting much in my left year. A little to busy at the two minute mark…can’t hear the vox at 2.35. Ok, now you are showing off. :slight_smile: Like the simplicity again at 3:13. Really a very good tune. It got too busy for me but I am old. congrats

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Thank you, Emma, good to hear from you. I tried to keep it from being too personal and still get the point across. It needs some automation and eq, and a drum track with some drama.
Thanks for your input.

Let me know what you need. I usually just load the MP3 into a new project and send the new tracks back separately, if that works for you.

Thanks for the listen. I wouldn’t know how to sponsor a contest, but I’m open to collaboration. It would be a fitting tribute.

i can work with whatever you have so far. Even a rough mix is fine.I can write to it and send you the tracks and you can use them however you see fit.

I’m hearing an organ line following the rhythm guitar at least part of the time, I’ll give that a try and you can see if it fits.

Can you use the mix from here? If you want WAV files PM me and we’ll set it up.

Have at it!

Thank you sir. I’m going for a bit of a wall of sound approach on this one, so it may have some busy spots. Haven’t automated the vox quite yet, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the listen.

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Hey man, that’s great stuff. My 91-year-old father died in September.
(I made up a little something https://soundcloud.com/svenviking/dans-med-lasse)

I think you should make the individual tracks for your tune available - would be fun to fiddle with it!!


I’m humbled by the response from everyone. This site has always been very supportive. I’d be happy to provide the tracks if the admins are okay with it. Just let me know the best way to do it. I agree on the first verse, I could ease into it a little more to allow it to build. Losing your father is difficult. My Dad lived a great life, but he truly shined through the adversity he was presented with. The example he set for me is my foundation.


Thank you for checking out my music & replying! Now your song: the vocals are strong: they remind me of various famous singers from the 70’s and the 80’s like Joe Walsh, Ozzy, and the singer from White Snake. That is the highlight of the song for me, since not many people sing that well. Instrumentally, everything sounds very good also. The lyrics are heartfelt. The drums could sound louder/bigger; I often have issues with that. Great tribute to your father. My condolences. I bet you have some interesting stories if you toured in a band for about 10 years. Feel free to tell me some stories if you wish. I have a friend that went on tour with a fairly famous TV teen heart throb, with thousands of screaming girls in the audience (he said that got annoying pretty quickly). He got paid $32/day, which wouldn’t even pay for my family health insurance. He played guitar on 3 songs on this guys album & never got paid for that. Gotta run now.

Here’s an unmixed version for you to play with.

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Thanks @StylesBitchley