Far Away - Early idea

It’s difficult for me to decide between posting ideas/rough drafts or not. On one hand, it’s nice to hear feedback as the song develops. On the other hand, it’s like I’m chasing a longing, filling a void. That’s kind of the air surrounding Far Away. I want it to embody the feeling of both questioning a situation while simultaneously realizing the answer, perhaps succumbing to its magnetism.

While I toil with the stagnated progress and the G7 chord in this sample, how did you all learn to produce music?


hey :slight_smile: this is a pretty song. I am more of a score writer than a song writer per say, but whenever I get stuck at a hook I like, or chorus I like and dont know where to go from there, I generally stop working on that score and write another score in the same key and then later glue both scores together. Sometimes it works.

What I hear after your hook ends at 1:25 is electric guitars coming in for some reason, but my vision could be way off from yours. Good luck with this song!

Hi Best to get it out there early for some direction. Intro’s best under 15 seconds. Drums didn’t add anything. Sung and harmonized well. Far away sung low then high bout max twice. chord pattern and sound good…keep pushing and come up with some interesting lyrics now to hold your audience…good luck

Welcome back, RyGuy!!!
Posting for feedback is always a great thing, but sometime can pull you in many directions.
Great idea and melody for “Far Away”.
The drums is a bit much for this song, which is a very soft and sentimental tune, imo.
Great feedback from feaker and FC!
Again, great to hear from you, RG!!!
Keep on making music!!!

Thanks for the fantastic idea! I’ll have to explore that. For some reason, I keep imagining different versions of it, like how Super Mario World has the same song for most of the levels but with different vibes/rhythms.

The intro is a bit long. I’ll see what works, thanks!

They are heavy hitting. Perhaps I’ll be able to find the right balance.

Thank you all for the warm welcome and feedback. I really need to stick to a quota of work. It’s hard to “get better” when the work is so sporadic!

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that is the very essence of movie/theatrical/video game scoring.

Each composition magically blends in with another. This is a video game I am currently scoring. If you pay close attention to the melodies, they blend in with the main theme in a subtle way. For example Song of Pangea, Heart’s Burden and Torn Apart feature the main hook in different ways.

Actually, I DO hear a way for “drums” to work on this song. I’m thinking like a lo-fi/chill type beat working on something like this. I wouldn’t make it super hot in the mix like it is currently, but I think it could work. Something kindof like this…

Great to see you around again! I’m looking forward to hearing more from you!

I recommend spending a lot of time listening to a wide variety of music. Many genres especially. You’ll start hearing what works and doesn’t work in the music and you’ll pick up fresh ideas for your own stuff too!

That’s why I started putting together “Song Challenges” on here. I just made one the other day, but I’ll do more. It was just to help you all think outside of your normal ideas and hopefully keep you all practicing, etc.

Anyway, have fun! Great to see you :beerbanger:

Hi Ryan, great to hear from you again…
Lovely dreamy beginning to this… really nice mood you have created. Mmm yes, the drums do feel a little snappy/edgy and broke the ambiance, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just depends on your intent. They definitely fit into that space in the production, but for me, they need some of that endless tweaking to embed them more smoothly. Making sure you have the right kit, then all the other bits - brushes, sticks or hands? And then, the amazing range of options involved in tucking the sound cosily into the mix.

Nice song, I enjoyed listening and it feels very much as if the song is just starting, the lyrics/vocal are poised for an opening out… I look forward to hearing more.

I am going to disagree with the others and tell you the intro is not too long and the drums are great. I would suggest some tweaking with the mix. Wet up the drums and the vocals. Using delay to create a bit of atmosphere from the vocals. Loving this song so far and I look forward to hearing the progress.

This is nice! I agree with Eric @redworks - I like the long intro. I like the sound of the drums, but the dynamics could use a bit of work… that’s probably putting the cart before the horse though… Really interested to see where this goes!

Honestly, that’s what we are here for! Nobody here is going to judge you for your rough ideas. We actually enjoy the process of helping each other out and contributing ideas, etc. It’s fun!

I’m been lurking on this site for a while just listening to everyone’s music, but with some encouragement from a friend, I’ve decided to give this recording music thing another try. While I have very, very little experience in recording, as an avid listener, I can’t wait to hear how things song turns out. You have a great voice and I also love the long intro and the drums. Hope to hear how this song ends up.


I agree! Great voice! And I’m looking forward to seeing you on here more and hopefully we will get to hear some of your music too. Even rough ideas. We love it all!