Fantasy daydream demo

Fantasy daydream demo

Where were my friends to review my song? I was so excited to get it out there. Oh, I see they were backstage contributing to the important stuff.

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Hey Paul,
I actually like the sound of the Luna, even if it’s not a fat Les Paul through a Marhall stack on 11. But then, it could do with a bit more guitar in the chorus. To offset the chorus you could try making the verse even lighter than it already is by fading the drums more to the background, or by leaving out the high hat or something like that. Then when the chorus comes round push it all back up. A nice destorted guitar would work well though…

Hi Paul, nicely done. Love the gentle drum and snare. Punchy but not overpowering. Complimenting the mix.
Bridge section around 1:58 could likely use a bit more power to the instrumentation but thats production preference. As a mix I cant really point anything out that is irksome. Well done :slight_smile:

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Hi Evert It is so funny I had updated the mix exactly one minute before you posted. Anyway, just by chance i noticed the luna track had a loud hiss. I remember trying to get close enough to the mic to get a decent level. I had to crank the track to 10, henceforth the hiss. I just recorded a stabbing PRS track and put it all the way left. I still kept the luna. EQ’d some highs out and put it 20% left also? My audiobox doesn’t have the ability to amplify much.
You mentioned a distorted guitar. I actually started with one, but i had to much stank on it and it was eating up a bunch of room. I wish now I hadn’t deleted it. I can do that over easily,
I am using a drum selection in Studio One called simple songwriter. I’m not sure if I can tame the high hat. I will look for another?
Each time I re-listen, i stumble on a problem. It is a demo and it gives me more to do. thanks so much for your two cents

Hi Michelle. It is just fun to have something to tweak. I’m not crazy about anything on this track right now. For some reason my foghorn vocal cords let me sing the bridge high stuff easily. I came back in ten minutes and was raspy again. Might have been the spot of wine? Can’t wait till I can sing again. I know Emma has the same problem.
At one point I was thinking of doing the entire intro and first verse with just strings etc and then take off with the chorus. On second thought, the subject matter is anything but “dreamy” ha ha
Thanks for the help

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