Family rap Xmas 2023

I had an annual Christmas song all ready to be sung and produced but the grands talked me out of it. My 16 year old grandson Nate downloaded a ton of stuff from chat GPJ. I made him do everything except add effects.
I was wondering how to avoid the monotony of this track. It is a crude demo now.
My youngest granddaughter Lily adds only a merry christmas at the end. She is a high function sweet autistic child (who has come so far)
Anyhow, starting from 24 seconds for just a little while, I was wondering how the track set with you? The singers are as follows:
Nate 16
Jenna 17
Ryan 23 (pilot in training)
Gracie 18 in college
Rachel 20 in college
Leslie 52 court reporter
Dana chemical engineer
Lilly 8


I LOVE this. Awesome.

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Rap is not my favorite genre, but it sounds good for the genre. Sounds like a lot of fun for the family! :smiley:

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