Fabulously Explained Sample Rate Video

I always enjoy Dan Worrall’s video presentations, but he really outdid himself here. Highlights include a profoundly simple demonstration of the Nyquist theorem, and building a guitar amp sim from Fabfilter’s Saturn plugin…

…for those here still interested in music and sound :grimacing: :wink:


That is excellent, hence the reason(s) I use 44.1kHz.

Even if 48kHz sounds better than 44.1kHZ due to relaxed low pass filters, one point Dan didn’t mention is that, unless the audio recording is going straight to video, the sample rate is probably going to be converted at some point to 44.1kHz, and in my experience that really does produce an audible degradation in quality.

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That video was pretty great. He always does a really good job of explaining things in a way that make sense.

I question a couple of the things he showed though. The part about intermodulation distortion, he shows the harmonics show up, but nothing about his test indicated that the distortion was intermodulation distortion rather than aliasing. I’m not saying the test was wrong, I just think it was oversimplified.

Also, the part about the compressor adding side bands to the tone when sidechained with the drums. He didn’t show how it would be different if it was higher sample rate. Maybe he was just pointing out a scenario where it could theoretically cause aliasing, but couldn’t come up with an actual audible example because it’s so minimal.

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