Fabfilter saturn - usage suggestions

Hi guys,

I know at least some one here has some experience with the fabfilter saturn plugin. As it is currently my only decent saturation plugin, and because it is such a versitile plugin, I could use some tips on how and when to use it.

How should I use it, if I want to emulate a pre amp? For example, I plug my guitar strait into the interface, and use it as the first thing the goes into my inserts. then comes maybe my amp sim (recently baught the mercurial reaxis o.O damn good sim ! ) and after that the regular corrective eq and such.

How should I use it on my main bus. Same principle, first plugin in the insert slots. Do I best keep it to the tubes and tapes, or ?

Basically I’m just looking for some suggestions, on which types for which purposes, and how I would best go about dialing in the settings, as to learn how to work with saturation in general. Not limited perse to the guitars but also vocals, drums, mixbus… etc.

Thanks !

Jelle (off to bed now :smiley:)

The only thing I’ve used it for is multiband saturation on bass guitar. Keep the low end nice and clean and keep the mids nice and nasty. For that, it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Sadly, I don’t have it on my system so I can’t mess about with it, but I will say just be careful if driving an amp sim with it, as too much of the good stuff prior to the sim could mess with the distortion in the sim itself. Would love to hear your experimentation though!