Fabfilter Pro R

Anyone tried this beauty yet.


You know, I didn’t even know that was in the bundle. Don’t know how I overlooked it. Every other plugin they make is totally top notch.

This is a beauty. It does nothing more than a standard reverb. But the control (like dial how big your space is, and dial in the decay to specific frequencies) makes it hugely useable.

Better yet, I love it’s “tone”. I don’t even know if reverbs HAVE tone but I LOVE the way it sounds.
Just lay it onto the tracks I want it on and twiddle until I get the track sounding how I want.
I seem able to find exactly what I want really quickly because it’s so very controlable on an interface I’m familier with from other Fabfilter products.

I do need a good Verb ,but at 200 dollars it’s out of my price range. I do own Pro Q 2 got a deal on it and really like it so I’ll bet the Pro R sounds great.

I stretched every bank account to get it because I knew how good it would be. Keep the faith, they do deals periodically.