Fabfilter Pro Q2 vs SurferEQ2

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My frist question on this board, yeaaaaay :smiley:

Does any one have experience with these EQ’s ? And have any preference, cons or pros about any of them ?

I used the fabfilter as a try out, and was realy happy with the way it works actually. was the first version though. Worked realy intuative. I checked out some video’s about this new version, and it realy looks nice as well.

The SurferEQ I haven’t tryed out yet, and was kind asceptical bout it reading the titel. But when I started to watch some video’s about it, I got realy intrigued by its abillity to find the fundamental freq of an instrument, and lets you automate it, and even sidechain it with other instruments.

Now, I’m still kind of a newb with mixing. I’m also kinda limmited with gear atm. I mix on a Sennheiser HD650 cause of lack of good acoustics. getting off track. But what I would realy like to know, if any one has experience with this EQ and the fucntions, and how it actually works out in your final mix.

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I use the Pro Q2 and it’s great! Very intuitive to use and has tons of options.
I like the way the UI is not cluttered but still easy to dial very precisely and gives good visuals as well.

I haven’t tried SurferEQ but I suppose they have a trial version, so I would advise to try them both and make up your mind on which one you like best and fits your workflow best.

What do you mean with the UI ? Not completaly hip with all the terms yet :slight_smile:

BTW, UI means “user interface”. aka GUI, “graphical user interface”. The stuff you see on the screen.

I haven’t used the Fab, and when I saw that Surfer came out I thought it was really cool. I may have tried the Surfer demo, can’t recall for sure, but at that price ($199) I figured I’d never buy it no matter how great it was. However, it has a really nice UI. :wink:

Someone just came out with something like the Surfer IIRC, which came out several years ago I think. It may have been a Slate product.

YESSS, Ofc, deuh :stuck_out_tongue: lol… thanks !!
I probably didn’t get the context completely.

Yeah I know, its kinda expensive, but the Fabfilter is also around 150. Its kinda the reason I want to hear other opinions, cause if it ssomething that you’re gonna use constantly, then I don’t mind a 1 time expense, but if you use 10 other EQ’s for 70% of the time, its kinda idiotic I guess :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re talking about Izotope Neutron, which is more of a channel strip but has intelligent options like showing frequency overlap between tracks right in the EQ UI, and makes it easy to cut one track’s frequency while boosting another’s same frequency. This one is even more pricey though…

But what sounds so interesting to me, is the surf mode from the surferEQ, it keeps tracking the fundamentals in real time. and so easy to boost or cut harmonics of the fundamental not with it. And then the fact that you can side chain it.

You should have a look at Melda MCharacter as well, if you want to work on fundamentals and harmonics to change the tone of a track, this one could be useful too, and I bet it has side chaining as most of Melda plugins have.

I own the Focusrite edition of Surfer EQ with only three bands: I’ve tried it on vocals, and i like it for changing the tone. I see it as an auto-tune and EQ mixed together, or intelligent tone-shaping EQ. Never tried the FabFilter one, but i’d say try the demo of each and decide.



If this is truly the case, I would stick to the eq in your daw and really get used to what basic eq moves achieve. Train your ear and when you get that down, you will be able to hear the benefit of the fab or surfer better and know if you really need them.

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Yes, that’s the one!

Well I’m not THAT new :slight_smile: Just new to making complete mixes with some what decent sound. Have a good drum sampler now, a nice vst or 2 for guitars and bass, but I miss a great eq, the standard one from cubase is not enough to realy start cutting speciffic

No offense intended, Buddy…
If you are unhappy with the Cubase eq, there are other free options from Blue Cat, voxengo and even the reaPlugs from reaper can be downloaded for free. The reaEQ is very useful. TDR Nova is a free dynamic eq and is awesome…

I know :slight_smile: For all you knew, I was a complete newbie :slight_smile:

From what i read from @ptalbot, the one you want from fabfilter sounds like it would offer good EQ’ing advice with that graphical analyzer, which reads very cool. On the other hand, Surfer EQ’s work is a bit more subtle, and you need trained ear to fully appreciate it…It all depends on where you are and what your current needs are.

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Neutron is a cpu killer

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Thanks for the headsup :slight_smile: Not that I was considering it though. But do there other products have the same issue or no experience with them ?

That more than the rest .Neutron is very heavy but there is a lot under the hood

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I’ve got both. But I only use fabfilter.
Couldn’t find anything better from SurferEQ.