EZ Drummer vs Superior Drummer 3

I have had Superior drummer 2 for many years now I never did the hundred dollar upgrade like I should of. Now they want a lot more money for the program. I just downloaded a trial version of Ez Drummer and it seems okay but the sound is not the same as SD2. Does anyone have any input on Ez Drummer vs SD3?


I haven’t used EZ Drummer in years but I managed to get the SD2 to SD3 upgrade before it got pricey.
That being said, the upgrade from SD2 to SD3 is awesome.

BUT… it all depends on what you want it for. If you’re just using it to demo stuff and bang out ideas nice and easy (and still have them sound good), I think it’s pretty hard to beat EZ Drummer.

For me, I use a lot of the extra functions in SD3, like it’s audio-to-MIDI detection (for sample enhance/replace), song creation functions (which may be similar in EZD?) and the routing/internal mixing functions, which can speed up my workflow when printing individual drums for a mix. Plus I use SDX’s, which I think have more extensive choices than the EZX’s?

Another direction you may want to take is the new version of Slate Drums, if you’re using existing MIDI parts it sounds amazing… although if you’re using the Toontrack stuff for writing it becomes less useful.

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I use a lot of the SD2 drums in songs, maybe half of my stuff. I think I am just suffering from waiting too long remorse. I will end up having to get SD3 at some point, if they ever have a sale.


That is great to hear. It sounds like the quality of SD3 is just worth the extra money.

I have the basic version of EZ Drummer. When I first got it I thought it’s drum sounds were pretty decent but now I find them to be quite weak and limited. I think the expansion packs would provide more variety and probably better sounding samples but I’m not sold on EZ Drummer as of now.

I was recording drums with an acoustic kit between 2007 and 2015 and then I switched to an Alesis/ Yamaha electric drum kit. In 2016 and 2017 I also did a few song recordings using EZ Drummer. I don’t like the artificial sound of the Alesis/ Yamaha kit and I’m pretty unimpressed by EZ Drummer.

Recently I’ve been using the free Steven Slate kit. It sounds much better than the basic EZ Drummer kit.

I need to learn how to create my midi drum tracks a lot faster and better than I do now. Right now I create a virtual midi track in Reaper and then I draw in the kick, snare, hi hats, toms, etc. I don’t like using the prefab tracks that come with the drum software. There’s got to be a quicker way of doing midi drums than the way I’m doing it. Creating dynamics and trying to get the midi drums sounding natural is a ton of work!

I want go find a drum software that will allow me to work quicker while creating drums that sound real. SD2 or SD3 are on my list of potential candidates. Others would be Addictive Drums, Steven Slate and BFD.

It is a lot of work and in the end, I still find that I am not sure if it sounds real or not. I constantly wonder if my ear is fooling me and saying it sounds good when maybe to others it doesn’t.

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Honestly, I think the SD3 is the best sounding and easiest way to go. If you watch any videos on youtube about any of these, you can not only hear the others are lacking, but if you read the comments in the video, you can derive the same conclusion as so many are saying the same thing from experience.


Hi Have EZ and a couple of expansion packs. I usually record with a click track and then go back and add EZ. I find my self letting the song play and trying different choices, but most times I settle on something that works, but not really what I want. I will say things like that would be great if not for the double kick etc. I also use some stuff right inside studio one. Glad you posted this, I am ready for something new:)

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I can tell you that after using Superior Drummer 2 for many years and then using EZ drummer, it was quite a drop in sound quality and in features. So I think you will be overwhelmed with how great SD3 sounds and works. I am going to bite the bullet and buy SD3 soon.