Eyes mix

Mixed this before but had another mix using the Waves Abbey road headphone plug.Very similar to can opener really

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Great song. Love the arrangement and the mix. You nailed it.

You said you mixed this before; could you post that mix as well for comparison sake?

How much have you used the abbey roads plugin? What do you think of it?

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Sounds really good!
Only things I’d mention: I feel like it’s lacking a bit of top-end… not a lot, but just a bit more shine up top. Also, the snare is a bit dry and I think could maybe cut through a bit more, but in terms of the genre maybe it’s sitting fine.

What I’m noticing through all your mixes that I’m listening to though, is you’re nailing the vocal treatment. They sit really well and the effects are really nice and tasteful.



The first mix is on the site i think i no longer have it .The Abbey road plug is pretty interesting and definitely seems pretty accurate for monitoring with phones.Used it a couple of times now

Cheers for the listen and glad you like it .Thanks for kind words

Hey again :slight_smile:
Agreed with previous comments, the balance is quite different from previous mixes you did: low end seems lighter but for that particular mix, the high end is missing.

The only thing that I found odd is during the solo before the dist guitar, there is some kinda mandolin which is very shy :confused:

By the way, another flavor of mixing with another tools, but it still sounds great!

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