Expressive E Touché SE

I found out about these a couple of months ago or so, and it didn’t take long for me to buy one. They looked so cool! Have you guys heard of these?

The presets that come with the Lié software are fun to play around with. I’m still figuring out how to make the most of the software, and how I might be able to make my own presets with different software instruments and maybe just for writing automation with plugins. The hardware feels awesome though. It’s extremely responsive. I can already tell there’s a significant learning curve, but I think it’ll make it more fun to add extra “human touches” to my electronic instruments, rather than writing automation with my mouse or something.

The only con I have so far is that the Lié software is kind of buggy. It kept crashing when scanning for my compatible plugins, and there’s this annoying bug where it gives you a confirmation dialog every time you switch presets because it thinks you modified something–I did find a setting to turn off that confirmation dialog though, which tells me I’m not the only one to have run into it! And the Monark presets aren’t working for some reason… so I think it’ll take a bit of digging to make the most of the software, like I said, but it’s been very fun to play with so far. And their product videos are so cool that I had to share!


I remember someone posting about that thing a while ago. Seems like a cool idea. I’m all for interfaces that aren’t just knobs and faders. You can control a lot more dimensions at a time when you have something like this.

I use the leap motion controller for the same idea. And my issues are the same. kind of buggy software, and a pretty big learning curve. I also find that I have to sort of relearn how to use it for each instrument, which is kind of a pain when you have 500 virtual instruments.