Exponential Audio/ Izotope's PhoenixVerb for $9.99

Exponential Audio/ Izotope’s PhoenixVerb for $9.99!!! Plus SoundSpot’s Creative Mixing Bundle for FREE at PluginBotique!



Do you know when that deal expires? It doesn’t show anything on that page.

The other Izotope ones on there are until April 1st, but I couldn’t find it in their list of things on their deals page to confirm.

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No idea. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it though in case it was a mistake! :slight_smile:

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Hmm. I found PhoenixVerb, but nothing on the creative mixing bundle

You add it when you check out. There’s actually a couple of really decent looking SoundSpot plugins too! This is an amazing deal! BTW, the Serial# you get in your account for PhoenixVerb is an iLok serial. You register the plugin there, not at Izotope…

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Under the square green info box on the product page, there’s a little “Buy and get FREE” thing with a “question mark” icon next to it, and if you click on it or open a new page it’s that bundle. As Mike says, it should prompt you to add it on check out automatically IIRC.

BTW - I emailed customer support and they told me the sale is until April 1. :slightly_smiling_face: (the freebie software is available until March 31)

Good info! So you don’t install it (the Verb) through the iZotope software manager thingy? Is it a download file? They’re owned by iZotope I guess but Exponential is still a separate company?

Also, I think I looked at Nebula before and there’s other software stuff you have to install, or a install manager app or something. Can you tell us how involved installing the extra Free software stuff is? Easy and painless, or any weird glitches?

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Nope, it’s a download file that you install, then you add your serial number via the iLok Manager.

The SoundSpot plugins are pretty straightforward too. just download and install right from your PB account.

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Got it. If you don’t click on the question mark but only on the name of the plugin in blue (SoundSpot Creative Mixing Collection) it brings you to the page for that plugin: and it’s $277! Clicking on the question mark, as Stan says, gets you that same $277 plugin bundle for free! Criminy.

Has anyone used that bundle? Thoughts?

I’m reading great reviews about the PhoenixVerb. Has anyone used it? I just purchased H-Reverb on Black Friday and it’s amazing. How would this compare? I guess its “schtick” is that it excells in very natural sounding, small-space reverbs. The price is right, but I am buried in plugins! I must have hundreds. Needing to simplify. Would it be redundant with H-Reverb?

But heck, even if I never used it, that SoundSpot bundle comes for free with the purchase. Sounds like a no-brainer!

Any one tried it yet? I already have too many reverb plugins, but if it can do something that other can’t or just sounds way better…

I installed and brought it up in a session last night, but I haven’t really run it through its paces. It’s from a very reputable company that makes top notch stuff. IMHO, you can’t got wrong for $10!

@Tesgin - I’ve got a handful of the SoundSpot plugins and they are perfectly fine. I like the UIs pretty well too. That said, I don’t use them much and they are not the first ones I reach for. The “MSW2” in that bundle looks particularly interesting to me with the LFO. We’ll see if it gets more than a cursory use after installing though. :slight_smile:

My thoughts (and experience) entirely :sunglasses:

I just bought it anyway, will try it tomorrow.

Let us know how you like it!

BTW, speaking of reverbs, Melda’s new MCharm reverb now included in their free pack is great - especially for the price! :+1:

I saw that deal, listened to the mp3 demos, but saw no way to test the software as a demo. Anyone that can share a link to do that?

PhoenixVerb? It looks like you need to set up an iLok account if you don’t have one, then download the software from the Izotope site. The demo is good for 21 days.

Yes I have the phoenix verb and used it too. Its a reverb and it does the job it says on the tin. In terms of quality its similar to many other reverbs but not a significant improvement over decent free reverbs like the true verb or renaissance verb. The original price of the phoenix verb is outrageous, likely why it went on sale. Phoenix verb has an early reflections tab that is quite helpful. The interface is simple and intuitive. Worth the 10 bucks imo. Will it be my go to reverb? Not sure. Still a big fan of renaissance verb which I picked up for free from waves a long time ago. It gives you a lot of control on the early reflections and the gated decay. Not sure if it is still given out as a freebie from time to time or not. If not then phoenix verb might be the next low cost option.

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Thank you! I thought that would be on Exponential Audio’s website, but it’s on Izotope’s.

You’re welcome! Izotope acquired Exponential Audio last year, so everything is directed to the Izotope site now.

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Ive tried it and agree. Nothing special but it works fine. 10 dollars is not bad. I’m in a phase of reevaluating my go to plug-ins and don’t know if it’ll make it to my my go to reverbs.
But what’s new… I have way too many plugins and just can’t stop buying new ones I don’t really need. What sort of reverbs do you really need?

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