Experimental 'tone-poem' thingummy

Experimental 'tone-poem' thingummy

If you can bear it, would love some feedback on my latest whimsy…

Croo-na-ray… Wish you Peace


Wow! This is full of emotion and feeling!

The intro sounds like a dark incantation. I envision the group leader of a satanic cult conjuring otherworldly powers or a group of witches meeting for something very serious…and then the song transforms into a beautiful melancholy and sadness. There’s even some Irish or Gaelic in the vocal melody. Awesome writing and presentation!

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Emma this is lovely. It speaks to me . I have listened about 5 or 6 times now. I think you have blended just the right elements here. The piano is very well placed and your voice is panned well .The emotional content of this is very moving and reflective. I will switch to my studio headphones and give another listen. Thank you very well done.

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Listened again at 44 45 46 there are what I think is very brief almost like short whispers or lip sounds very very faint pops. Same at 1:40 1:41. The siren at 1:20 I dont mind but it is eather a slightly lower quality and has a hint of distortion sound, I would try a few different ones and see how they sound but if it is what you needed then that is fine. I really like this however. Thank you for the experience.

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Thanks so much for the listen and comments W… I was so pleased to read your words… it is exactly the sense that I was after. But because, as so often happens with me… I became ‘immersed in the mix’ I had no idea whether I was heading in the right direction or not!

Hi there and thanks so much for your positive and thoughtful comments!
Great feedback ta… the siren was one I had roughly recorded and is a bit messy but I had decided to go with that but will have another check. The pops I will definitely look at again.

Backstory for this piece is it is an odd one… I just blurted out the ‘croon a ray’ motif one day and it kinda stuck and insisted on being a part of something… It was an almost sinister type of thing but then the other sweeter melody came through… so this piece is perhaps just a self-indulgent ad lib that grew its own energy… I just let it do it and then chopped it about.

My key sticking point was finding some sort of balance or glue to link the bits together. I have used a rumbly timpani but it fluctuates a lot on different playback systems so I ended up losing confidence.
It is just a wee creative rambling journey but I have been faffing with it for quite a while now. Really appreciate your words!!


Wonderful stuff Emma, I listened three times and I’ll listen again. Very expressive and personal, so glad that you shared this. You certainly don’t need suggestions here but I could hear a lot of strings and maybe choirs getting very large with this theme, it seems a shame to leave it at under three minutes, but that’s the usual thing here so . . . .

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Thanks so much!
Ahh as to time… because this was a spontaneous sort of recording, the original is quite a bit longer but I thought it was a bit too warbly… hah, if that is any sort of descriptor. Improvisation can be such a pain that I cut it right back but I just might have another wee look at that. Thanks!!

This is awesome, Emma! Beautiful tightrope walk of melody and dissonance, light and dark, sweet and sour. That Timpani is genius in the way it creates cohesion and development. Lateral thinking - great stuff!

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Thanks heaps Andrew!
I can have major troubles with making up my own sonic rules just getting the mix to translate. And an amazing skill at self doubt!
Creative fluctuations can be such a bore, I should have grown out of them by now haha.
Looking forward to your new album!

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What a story, Emma! It doesn’t often work this way, but nonsensical phrases can become serious bases for beautiful songs. It could be a name or a foreign language or a chant or a name or chant in a foreign language, but it stokes images of mystical stuff in this music, that’s for sure.

I guess I didn’t see this 10 months ago, but once I listened I had to comment. For me you are my favorite New Zealand Celtic singer/songwriter, and I hope you get a song in the next LOTR sequel.

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Thanks Steve, lovely to hear from you!
I’m enjoying just playing around with music with absolutely no agenda… it’s a liberating thing but does make it hard to ever get something ‘finished’.

Wow, just stumbled upon this at 1 am and now I can’t go to sleep. When it started, since I haven’t seen you on here much, I was sort of worried about you, but then you brought a beautiful melody in to bring me back to reality. I need to listen again, but the piano is great and the counter melodies are very artful. Great to hear you singing and creating.

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Hi Bob,
thanks for listening and commenting. Yeah it’s a strange song for sure, a little untidy but moody.
And yes, am not as active here lately as life gets in the way but I still drop by regularly, just tend to avoid the ‘grand-standing’; Am here for the music and the never-ending learning.
Thanks again, really appreciate your kind words!

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