Every Tree. Sort of alt country with strings?

I wrote the song mid 90’s. It’s an important song to me, but I won’t try and explain why. For years I’ve been imagining what I’d do with the song, which instruments to use, how to arrange them, etc. I didn’t dare start recording till I had enough confidence not to make a complete mess out of it. I dare say it’s pretty pompous, but so is one of my CSNY/ Neil young favourites “Country Girl”. I’m sure I didn’t have that song in mind when I wrote it, but as I got into recording I realised the resemblance. By the time I got to recording the blues harp (which I use often anyway) I knowingly added a part over the top of the orchestra at the end, just like in Neils song.

Technically I don’t have any specific things I’m not happy with. I guess the mix is probably way to full but I like it… It’s not as bad as Phil Spector’s wall of sound. When I get to mastering I’ll use Country Girl as a reference track. Haven’t done any mastering on this one yet (just a limiter on the mixbus).

Oh by the way, I tend to use stock (Reaper) or and freebee plugins (except Addictive Drums). I didn’t have any decent strings in my VST collection till I found the completely free VSCO2 Orchestra by Big Cat Audio. I’m sure the big names are even better, but for me this was a find. The instruments by themselves are not quite 100% convincing, but in a mix… What do you think?

Anyway, bash away. Thanx for taking the time!

Because of some technical problem I’ve added the soundcloud link:

Edit: After careful listening after all your comments I found that a few tracks needed to be re-tracked (or fixed). Apparently several tracks had sloppy timing… I think that, more than anything made a mess of this dense mix. Afterwards I remixed with some drastic and some more subtle EQ cutting. Also lessened the reverb.

Still can’t upload from my laptop. So I added a new link to Soundcloud. Spot the differences :sunglasses:
I wonder if It got any better. Bash away!


unfortunately there is no song file with the post.

@Aef, have a link to the file? Or can you upload it? If you need a hand, let me know!!

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Very much looking forward to hearing this after reading the description. :violin:

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Should I aim for slightly smaller files in future?

how big is the file? I’m just curious