Ever played a PRS amp?

You how once in a while you meet a girl you just can’t stop thinking about? Or at least how you did before you were married (if you are married)?

I want that PRS archon!!

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God damn it, dude. Now I’m erect!

I have one of those Archons in stock. The 2 channel custom is a fantastic amp too. The archon (for being designed as a high gain amp) has a very impressive clean channel.

Here’s sort of what I heard the Archon doing that I really liked…I’m wondering if just about all PRS amps do this well.

I didn’t even realize that was a high gain amp until I got home and started looking at videos of the Archon. But in addition to those dense clean tones, I also found a real thick crunchy mild gain tone I really really liked.

I started looking at the custom 2 channel. Is it possible to get one of those in a head? And what are the different wattage options?

pm me a price… :smiley:

Someone’s a BIG Jeff Beck fan!

All their amps are available as a head or combo. That video shows the Sonsera (sp?), which is their newest and least expensive model. I tried the rep’s combo a while back. It was a good one too. I’ll PM you @Jonathan

Oops! Forgot to say 4 min 20 on the demo of a second video. Still a Jeff Beck tone? Or no?

If you had to affiliate that general sound with a player…who would I call it by? I’m sure you’re far more familiar with guitar greats than I am…many people on this forum are.

Its sort of just a general funk clean sound…who were the guitar players that really defined that area? (I can name famous pianists like there’s no tomorrow, but I just don’t know my guitar history that well).

OMG! Thats cheap!! Wow…does that not sound like a way more expensive amp?? I think that’s an exceptional sound in that price range.

It’s cheaper because they had that particular model built at their overseas factory, but it was still designed by Doug Sewell, so it’s still a killer amp.

I never even knew PRS has started making amps!
Just shows how out of touch with the music scene i am nowadays. I brame being a parent and having an overly controlling wife who I resent muchly :+1:Rock n roll!

Ah, yeah I was referring to the lovely liquid distorted tone and whammy stuff he was doing…

The clean tone stuff @ 4:20 is more along the lines of Nile Rogers of Chic (& more recently Daft Punk’s Get Lucky),
and maybe Stevie Ray Vaughan in his funkier moments like this (around 55secs in):

Way cool! That clip at 55 sec sounds great! …and I’d never heard of Nile Rodgers before you mentioned him. But I spent a good half hour (that I probably should been working lol) clicking through youtube listening to him!!!

I’m really fascinated by this whole line of amps. When I think of Stevie Ray, I typically think Fender family…but I’d describe some of those cleaners sounds on the PRS demos as being Fender like without quite as much twang.

I tend to think of /13, vox, Morgan, and EL84 based Matchless stuff as being a whole different shade of chimey clean. To me the PRS line sounds polar opposite on the scale of jangle vs twang vs heavy/clear clean. To me, the clean was more musical than what I’ve ever been able to get from a Marshall.

Despite the stupidly overhyped price of Dumbles, I think they sound amazing. I bought the Budda Superdrive 30 because it was the closest I’d seen amp get to a Dumble, and I never really connected with the Fuchs. But I may just end up selling that Budda when I get one of these PRS amps, because I think the PRS does the same thing a lot better.

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Bryan…how much more is it to get one of those upgraded faceplates like the one in that first Archon video?

Usually, they haven’t charged extra, but it does extend the wait time obviously. :slight_smile:

I was finally listening all the way through that video of Mark Lettieri playing and found myself playing guitar for the last 2 solid hours as a response. Love it when I get inspired accidentally like that :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty normal. Its hard for me (and a good number of my friends) to watch a bunch of guitar demos then want to immediately go pick up a guitar. I’m still going through a bunch of PRS videos trying to figure out which one to get lol.

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Here’s one of the crazy things about PRS. Just about every amp maker has an amp I wouldn’t have any use for, except PRS. Even the guys like Bogner, Dr Z, Matchless, and Tone King have amps I wouldn’t use if you gave one to me for free. I mean…I’d take it of course, but I just wan’t a big fan of that last Matchless Spitfire I picked up. Its just remarkable to me how consistently good those PRS amps are.

Wow Ok, so I have to have one to match my PRS guitar. The best part of the video was the dude. He is so likeable and believable and talented. I now have to find what stomp stuff he recommends for the harder rock stuff. I could just hear “hey Joe” by Hendricks on this. I have a line 6 small amp with a ton of combos, none that I like. I have a boss ME 70 that I am not excited about at all. ha ha time for a change. Thanks for this link