Ever heard a "Brauerized" mix?

This isn’t nearly as complicated as the article makes it sound. May be worth taking a quick glance over.

Well written article. Some good ideas worth messing with a bit more :slight_smile:

You misspelled it in the thread title. I thought it was using an Internet Brauser for mixing. :face_with_monocle:

It’s Brauerizing, if made-up words even really count for grammar critique.

Here’s another article I also have bookmarked on Michael Brauer that goes into his mixing process a little bit.


A quote from this article:

I want to feel something great in the first 15 minutes. The first thing I do is try to get a groove going, so I’ll search for that."

I enjoy reading about how different engineers approach mixing. Interesting stuff!


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Fun fact - the article I linked also says he trademarked “Brauerize”. So it is made-up and trademarked.

That’s hilarious. Even funnier that SOS would report that lol. Some lawyer having a slow day in the office?

So, this guy likes to use 5 compressors on everything and then mix into a couple more? He’s squashing coal into diamonds, every mix is a gem.

5? I’m counting 20! I’ve been glancing at this every day when I have a sec and I’m still digesting it trying to figure out which parts are really relevant to the finished product and which ones I think might be overcomplicating the process.

As of now, it appears this really boils down to a complex summing process. I think the simpleist way to understand this process is he’s compressing group busses. This is not parallel compression. Totally different animal here.

I need to spend more time with this, but I can’t at the moment. I do want to understand whats going on here because I suspect that there’s bits and pieces that are potentially useful even if not directly applicable. I have the plugins to attempt to clone this setup, but that does zero good until i really understand the function of the processor at the end of each stem. When you have this much shit at the end of the plugin chain, if the compressors don’t coordinate harmoniously, it defeats the entire purpose of this wack job routing system.