Erotic Dishwasher... New Age Dance

Erotic Dishwasher... New Age Dance
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I made a new age dance song called “Erotic Dishwasher”, all the hip kids are going to love getting down to it. 20-minute 12-inch remix coming soon. This is the 7" edit.

What is your favorite plugin for 808 sounds?

Interesting sounds here but it needs more bottom, in my opinion.


Whose bottom in particular?


“Ah’m gonna add some bottom, so that the dancers just won’t hide.”
- Larry Graham 1968 (Sly and the Family Stone)


Wow, I’m very amazed how “live” seems the 808 drum playing :crazy_face:


I’m playing it using 808 samples on an electronic kit, and Simmons toms. Rock and roll.


Nice work so, it really sounds alive, congrats!!