ERA 4 Bundle?

Not much I’m really needing in the way of plugins right now either. I’m kind of with Jonathan there. I’m more needing to spend time learning to use the plugins I already have.

That said, one sale I’m “thinking” about is Accusonus’s ERA 4 Bundle.

I purchased the ERA 4 Leveler which I reviewed in another thread. The thing is aweome and has become one of my favorite plugins.

I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of the others in the bundle and what your thoughts are.

I’ve already got noise gates and know how to deal with plosives and de-essers, but I’m curious as to whether their tools are effective cuz they sure have potential to make the workflow smoother. The reverb removal tool also sounds interesting.


I’ll admit I’m having a little “passed on that deal” regret at this moment… Maybe I’ll go dig up a plugin I forgot I had, or actually LEARN to use the pile I already have. :grin:

Seriously though, I use MAutoVolume on every mix and keep telling myself to try out the Hornet plugin that writes automation and see how I like it.

Sorry Tez, this is a total off-topic reply! Ummmm… No, I haven’t tried any of their plugins. Sorry. But DO let us know what you think of them if you dive in. They’re a new dev for me and the leveler was very tempting!

I especially feel this. lol

I’ve got the bundle. Can’t go wrong for $99 IMO. The noise remover is very good, the vocal leveler is probably worth the $99 alone.