Epic yoga ballad - work in progress

Epic yoga ballad - work in progress
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Here’s another crazy bit of impressionist music from the desk of Sven. Work in progress.
It’s a chord sequence I’ve had for years, called Blue Ballad since it was played on the the Native Instruments Scarbee Mark I setting called “blue ballad”.
Now that I have gone down 25kg and started resurrecting my health by doing yoga at least three times per week… I have come across new terminology. That of yoga poses. It’s great fun.
So I am playing around with a lyric based on this - the over-adapted “feminist” man…
What’s here is a scratch lyric. I am going to have to go into structure mode and work on the lyrics…
Additional vocals are from the Soundiron Voices of Gaia library.

Yogi Sven


Just getting back to work here after my lunch, but just wanted to make a quick comment of congrats-- you shed 25 kilos??? That is a tremendous accomplishment, way to go buddy! You should be very proud of yourself, and I hope your journey to good health continues!

I’ve heard lots of great things about doing yoga, maybe I should try it myself… I am so completely tense all the time, I could really use the stretching and relaxation I know it brings.


Yep, true story… started by axing the 1.5 litres of Coca Cola I’d drink per day… got rid of bread, wine (almost) and lots more stuff. You know that photo you took in Houston, when one couldn’t see the BFR for my stomach… lol.
All gone now. Have had to buy new clothes. Will probably do five more kgs… for a couple of months i also axed meat, fish and all dairy. Just veges, rice, fruit and water…



Ha, now you’re a Svengetarian. :smile:


Just to clarify Dave, there are tons of yoga styles out there … it’s not just one thing. And of course the roots of yoga are in ancient India Vedanta practice (precursor to Hinduism) and are very sacred and are intended for use in “union with God” (‘yoga’ literally means ‘union’). It’s not just for stretching exercises, but for union of mind and body for spiritual development. Now, there IS the fitness-center variety of yoga too :smirk:, which will focus only on stretching and relaxation. You can choose, I just wanted you to have informed choices. :sunglasses:


Yes, we have a really good centre here. As I discovered. We have yin and yang yoga, pilates and more. Doing the pilates is really tough. It looks girly until you try it…


Understood Stan, one of my best buddies’ wife is a yoga instructor and has been giving me encouragement. I have an expert handy to consult. :slight_smile:


if you’re looking at dropping some weight you can try these also… ambulance guy here recommended them to me after he lost 20kg.


Nice sound Sven, I like it! Could be a smooth jazz hit, the Soundiron voices are beautiful and the other instruments as well. Your voice works well in this style, I guess you’ll polish the main vocal some and maybe smooth out some of the arrangement/mix to get the right ambient groove?

When you say impressionist I think of Debussy and Ravel and there’s some similarity but their stuff predates mainstream jazz of course.


It says it’s an aphrodisiac. So … you’re so busy making whoopee you forget to eat? :smirk:


Thanks Ingo,
Yes, that’s pretty much the plan. Sort the lyrics then do the vocals “properly”.
Then getting the mix to gel, which could take years as you know…



No, in my case it was more like holding my jaw above the pavement…



I had no idea what I was about to listen to - “epic yoga ballad”?? WTF. Is that a new genre? Regardless, I totally dug this! It’s got a great vibe and a nice chillin’ groove. You’ve got plenty of interesting elements and never let it get boring. When you smooth out the main vocal it’ll be even better. Heck, you could grab one of the guitar maestros on the forum and lay down a nice smooth lead part instead of a vocal! It sort of reminds me of The Art Of Noise. Nice work. Bravo!


Thank you Sir,
Yes, I am happy with my voice, as long as I stay within certain parameters. I remember when I discovered this many years ago - that if I sung like the bottom octave of a tenor sax then it was OK somehow…
I think I can get the vox to be OK once I decide on the lyrics…
A happy surprise that I found during the last whiskey enhancement was my falsetto Uriah Heep-Bee Gees “ha-ha-ha haah” stuff. That was fun!
One of the challenges will be the final mix of the brass… have no idea how I will do that yet. Perhaps thin and distant? As if through a radio? The tuba needs to be in your face though…
I can write quality prose with ease, song lyrics are a different story…
So far I have:

  • Remember City of Gold - doing as I’m told
  • Remember Child of Gold - who once was so bold
  • Remember Heart of Gold - now I’m getting old…

I guess I’d better down-hatch some whiskey and see where I end up… :slight_smile:
Sorry if I’m using this forum to brainstorm with myself.
No, I’m not sorry. It’s my RIGHT goddamit



Is that a yoga pose? :roll_eyes: The down-the-hatch-asana. If you drink enough, you may end up on the floor. :upside_down_face:


It is now :slight_smile:


Here’s the evidence, Dave…
At the outdoor pool and gym area. The guitar is not connected so there’s minimal risk of electrocution…


You are looking good @Sven!! A shadow of your former self!


I expected you to know this…
I am so thin that because the sun’s rays are not EXACTLY parallel, I no longer cast a shadow.
The shadow on the above pic has been added in…



Hey Sven - nice vibe! I don’t know if this version has the newer lyrics you spoke about - but I kind of like the vocal in this recording. It’s a bit wacky, laid back and certainly unique. Really cool bassline too… The whole thing made me think that I really need a holiday…!!