Epic Distressor Compressor shootout

Yup. I’m pretty obsessed with this plugin. I guess because it was the first one I really fell in love with way back in my early studio days in college. And because every time I’ve been in a major studio, someone who knew what they were doing would always patch one in, and it always sounded stellar.

This shootout in this article was pretty epic, and I’m surprised how much I found myself agreeing with the article by large. And for anyone who’s into studying compressors, there’s some useful info comparing it to its 1176 rival.


Do you find your self using distressors on virtually everything? (other than 2-bus)

its funny as skeptic and real as Brandon was he kept his Distressor.
I never had one but before my roof needed replacing I had the EL9 (fatso/distressor/preamp) and man it was solid and easy… but it was really wierd going from clean to grunge so easily and in such a heavy clarity warm and my balls felt great.