Epic Bass Battle

I recently stumbled upon a bass player, Davie504 is his YouTube channel. He’s an odd fellow, but it’s an entertaining channel. Impressive bass player.

Anyway, feel free to skip the majority of this video, and start at 4:38 for a pretty awesome display of talent. Bass guitar “battle” with Charles Berthoud.

Also, check out Berthoud’s YouTube Channel as well. Very impressive stuff.

Just thought this stuff was pretty amazing. Thought I’d share. Enjoy!


Very cool! I especially liked the bass finger tapping stuff. I have seen (and done) some things like that before, but not quite to that extent. They incorporate it into the musicality nicely.

I’ve watched his channel for a while, but I feel he’s fallen into the “meme” category, where he makes funny videos about things other than his own playing. But hats off to the man, he can surely play.

For all the bass fans out there, I seem to spend far too much time watching this young lady’s bass playing:

Just a bedroom bass player who, in my opinion, can play as well as anybody I’ve ever seen. If I was starting a band, I think she would be my number one pick!

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