Empirical Labs Distressor EL8 plugin just went on sale

I had cringed at the original price tag on this $350 compressor plugin. Honestly though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it go one sale. It just did today!

I know its still steep, but if you’ve used and fallen in love with the versatility and ear blowing slam dunk goodness of the hardware unit, then you’ll love what the emulator does.

Save $50 by ordering it from Sweetwater instead of direct.


What are they used for?

Its a super versatile compressor that works on just about anything. I think there’s a few other guys that own hardware versions…anyone???

Ah. Interesting to find the hardware manufacturer creating an emulation of it’s own gear. (If I follow that right).

I was surprised when Manley when got onboard with the plugin thing too. I think API, SSL, Manley, Neve, Chandler, etc… all the big name hardware guys figure its not cutting into their sales because the 99% of the buyers who stock up on plugins are never going to touch a hardware unit to begin with. Especially a $4k-$5k pr box stuff like the Manley Voxbox and VariMu.

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