Eh...Do you guys have Guitar Centers in New Zealand and Australia?

Eh…Do you guys have Guitar Centers in New Zealand and Australia?

not in NZ…

Not in Oz.

We had a couple of larger retailers - Allan’s, Brash’s, Venue Music… pretty much all of them went bust during the period when the Aus $ was stronger than the US $, as you could order stuff from the US and get it at pretty much half the price they were selling it (including international delivery!).

I think Allan’s might have been revived recently, but for the most part, the big chain retailers went down the tube then.

Don’t have them in UK either, Probably banned for mis-spelling Centres.

Not in Canada either.

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Sanity in the Commonwealth!

Ah, what a shame. When you’re in the mood, there’s nothing like a trip to GC … walk in the door, greeted by a friendly salesperson looking you up and down sizing up your intentions and the thickness of your wallet, immediately serenaded by; a) 12 guys fret thumping a different Metallica song on various provided showroom equipment b) another 3 doing Satriani solo’s c) and an old guy in the corner with a Fender playing a Johnny Cash song … then blissfully sauntering toward the door with your coveted purchase, whilst the same salesperson doing meet-and -reet asks to see your receipt and check your bag for contents, as if you’re a common criminal. Only in Amurrica!

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My guitar center trembles in fear when I walk in the door. Because I’m probably returning a very expensive piece of hardware which I bought online, that they’ll never be able to re-sell on a sales floor in South Carolina.

But yup. Thats parts true.

aaaaaand. So is that.


Personal hatred: POushby sales people greeting me with sincere words they don’t mean and faux cheeriness.

Also it seems to take forever to buy stuff at Guitar Center, no one seems to know how to work the computer. It’s even worse when trading something in. Last time I went to Guitar Center I traded in a guitar towards another used guitar that was at a different Guitar Center. I just wanted to pay the difference and have them ship the guitar I was buying to my house, should have been simple enough, but it took 3 people like 30-40 minutes just to figure out how to do that. And then they didn’t even ship it to my house, they shipped it to themselves. So I got to drive back out there and spend another 30 minutes while they figured out how to refund the shipping that I had already paid for…

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And a few years ago I saw Russell Crowe at Guitar Center, isn’t he from New Zealand or Australia or somewhere? Anyways he was buying a nice Martin acoustic and they were taking forever to ring that up, and he seemed to be getting pretty pissed off, almost as if he wasn’t used to that level of bullshit when buying a guitar… so I’m not surprised to learn that they don’t have Guitar Centers in New Zealand or Australia.

From what I’ve read, it doesn’t take much to make Russell Crowe pissed off. :wink:

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I guess this would be the NZ counterpart…

I have had varying service in different stores - like the one in Rotorua is useless, but the one in Tauranga is good…


I met him once in a coffee shop in Sydney (going back a bit) close to where he lives. I liked him , straight up and had a good sense of humor. I’m sure anyone will piss you off when they get in ya face for long enough and how the press then love that…

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