Edward the Human Psychopath Is Contracted by Stephen Hawking to Travel Back in Time for Science


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Is it raining, is it snowing, is a hurricane a-blowing? @Jonathan is trapped in the kitchen sink, and he can’t leave. He’s stuck in the fucking drain, but I can’t help him! Why can’t I help him? He’s always there for me when I need him to be. Don’t turn on the garbage disposal, you’ll kill him. It’s always big sink that does this, logistically. I don’t want to have to shoot the sink. @Stan_Halen told me not to. He said he was pouring his leftovers down the sink so Jonathan wouldn’t starve. Don’t fast, eat. The Buddha told me to tell you that the snake doesn’t answer to the refrigerator, he just lives there. But he’s friendly. He’d never hurt anyone or anything. Snake kisses, only if you want them. He’s wise, never gets bad. He does have homosexual tendencies.

I don’t wanna ride the merry go round anymore. I want to get off. I want to be the bread winner. Please let me fill that role. I’m not a monkey, I just have hair on my body. Unlike the woman sobbing in the corner. She’s hairless.

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Someone’s on a damn bender!


I get it this time. The guy is in a car and he’s being chased? So…better use of the proximity effect of the sirens. The context makes sense this time. But now the helicopter is too close. If your camera is focused on the subject that got in the car, that is the only way it makes sense of the sirens and gunshots be at the source.

Now your problem is the Helicopter is too close, and at 4:47 you pretty much cut it off cold turkey. If the idea is that the character morphed/teleported back to present time to then assassinated Dr Hawking, then you need some kind of sweeping filter effect, or some kind of zapping sound to tell the listener he made a jump though time.

Keep trying.

I found this strangely mesmerising… some fab script bits and a lovely gushy blood fest… the automatic repeater gun thingie went on a bit… love the ‘narrator’ and I was waiting for that DeLorean so it was something of a relief to hear it taking off at the end - nice grisly ending.
O and very visual descriptors above… are you having something of an epiphany??


Then the snake must be in deep contemplation.

Yes, it was intended to be cartoonish in effect.

You’re right.

Are you implying I have an impeccable sense of time?

100% sober. You see, the snake doesn’t want me to partake in alcohol so he guards the fridge to peacefully steer me away from the alcohol land of cream puff pie. I hate it when my balls sweat. They smell like steamed broccoli.

YAAAY! At least one other person here gets it! Woohoo.

I think the Captain got it, but LazyE most certainly did not. Stan is on his way. Go @emma!

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I was only replying to the written work, i have yet to listen to the audio file :+1:
I’m sure then the pure genious will present itself to me in abundance :beers::beers::beers::beers::beers:

This is pretty cool, but why does Stephen Hawkings have an accent?:grin:

I love the addition of RATT’s “Wanted Man”! …It’s so 1984. :metal:

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