EDM Trap - Dark Corners

I am entering an EDM contest at Unsigned (I know… gotta put my fangs everywhere) .
I want to submit a track I made last year for a DJ friend that shows some promise. Wanted to get some initial thoughts before I start tweaking with things I didnt like at the time. He wanted a megaphone type effect phasing in and out I wasnt too fond off but it was a thing at that time. I might keep it or I might not. Either way let me know how the whole thing sounds and how It can be improved or if I should just let it be… its tried and tested in many clubs.
(ps: might need good headphones or subs)

here it is:

I don’t listen to much EDM or go to clubs so . . . but to me this sounds very polished, well crafted and, well polite I guess which is great to listen to but I would think that for a club you would want to add something more aggressive into the mix. Some stabs, crashes, screams maybe?

But hey, I don’t get out much so . . . FWIW

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Better late than never. I think the megaphone effect sounds pretty cool myself. Probably not something you’d use with a flute, though I hear no flute (ha ha). Anyway, I think the song sounds pretty good! I wouldn’t mind hearing some good vocals on it; not sure how common that is with EDM. Did anything interesting come of this?

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ended up winning a semi finalist prize , a good usb docking hub device, pretty handy actually. I think the lack of vocals was a factor in not winning the contest as you noticed as well. My DJ friend loves using the track though in his mixes. Perhaps next time I tackle EDM I will put some vocals on it :no_mouth:

Very nice! Congrats! :slight_smile:

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