Edge's Rig Rundown on PG

I started watching this out of idle curiosity and couldn’t stop… Lot’s of insights and cool tips. Wow!

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Here you go. Reminiscing today after watching the video. A track off one of my “desert island” CDs. These guys are proof that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”…

I can’t even imagine how much of a headache it’d be to be his tech. So much gear involved and he makes so many changes it’s crazy. Definitely fun to see though!!

I agree. I enjoy a lot of their music, but I’m not a huge fan, so I was kind of thinking about that poor tech while he was marveling at the level of perfection that was expected. U2’s music does require the Edge to make a lot of things happen with effects, and his right hand is very, very talented to be able to make the echoes sound right, but I wouldn’t last one night as his guitar tech. If the box is in tune, plug it in and play it until it goes out of tune, then get another one.

Ha! I admit I kept finding myself wondering if Edge could REALLY hear the difference between the capacitors on each of his wireless setups. Regardless, that is some super-human attention to detail. I’m sure his guitar tech is paid well too.

Wouldn’t surprise me.

One thing about vintage amps is that they were voiced for the conditions of the day - and that usually involved a long, coily cable which acts as a capacitor bleeding off high end to ground. So, if you plug a wireless transmitter, which might roll of no highs at all, straight into an amp or otherwise buffer it before going through the effects chain, you end up with a sound that’s way too bright.

So, a capacitor between guitar output and wireless transmitter can serve an important place in getting a signal that hits the amp right.

The line 6 wireless series has selectable capacitors than mimic cables of different lengths.

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Good point!