Eddie Kramer Signature Series

There’s a deal going on for this set of plugins but I’m not sure how long it will last. Do any of you have experience with them? I’m really tempted…


Waves in general are pretty nice, and Eddie Kramer is pretty much a hero, but I would have to hear this to see how effective it was. Sounds like he takes a lot of basic processing and turns it into a one button template, which is usually a love/hate response for me, but the price is attractive, which I guess is the point. (Lot of help I am, huh).

The tape is one of the best I think and the eq but the rest emm

I would NOT spend $70 on this without THOROUGHLY demoing it first. I think this is the weakest plugin set of all of the Waves Signatures.

The Waves Kramer inspired PIE compressor is nice. Also, the Kramer branded HLS (Helios) is way more useful than any of these all-in-one’s.

Waves makes 2 tape reel sims. The Kramer Reel-to-reel sim is pretty good, but its outdated. The newer Waves J-37 is much better in my opinion.

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Gee, you think?


Are you serious?? What do you not like about that Kramer EQ? I’m surprised. I thought this was one of the best channel strips they ever created.

The part I really like about the Kramer EQ plugin is how the saturation and noise are built into the plugin. On top of that, they give you a usable VU meter too. UAD does not. Also, on the Waves one, there’s an input trim that can optimize the level at which you peg the preamp section.

If you only think of this as an EQ, then sure. But this thing is ABOUT the saturation and the drive from that preamp. I think its every bit as good as the Waves Schoeps 1073 red-knob knockoff, and I also think it can go head-to-head with the Steven Slate and the Kush preamp clones. That’s pretty amazing, seeing as this little bugger is almost 8 years older than they are!

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No I said I like the tape and the eq , the eq especially on guitars

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I think reading all that legal shit has made you cross-eyed, booger.

Hey, I realize I was overstating the obvious. My point is there is no real magic to this stuff once you know the basics of an input chain. The fact that they are selling a bazillion dollars worth of plugs for $69 may indicate the true value, and I wouldn’t want Big Al disappointing himself with his own Christmas gift. Don’t be harsh with me, I’m fragile, you might hurt my feeling.

I post this stuff because I’m still getting the hang of studio mixing. I appreciate your honest thoughts.

Totally cracked me up! :smiley:

Aw shit. Sorry. Totally read that wrong. I thought you said you like the tape but didn’t like the EQ and the rest of them. My bad.