Echo ,mix

Enjoyed this one.Took me a good few hours

Another one that i feel like you have nailed.

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Someone enjoyed it

This sounds absolutely mindblowing to me! my honest respect. Do you mix ITB, analogue or hybrid?
What DAW do you use?
Bye the way all of your mixes i have heard are sounding very professional. I cant hear any difference to a studio mix.

is this question for me? I didn’t mix this one I think you did so i am a little confused.

No it was feedback i got from someone

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I see that makes sense. should put quotes around it.

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Great job. Lots of rhythmic jolts and percussive accents. I like how everything weaves together and creates interest on new elements throughout the song. Can you give a short description of how you put this together?

Probably not i think i was under the influence of some green stuff lol
Just basic stuff really like where is the part of the song that hits .
Im still learning myself really .I learn every day something new.
I want to make a few adjustments to this mix.

Made some little changes