Easy tiger ,mix

Easy tiger

I simply love how when I press play on one of your songs, I never know what I am going to get!

Whilst this is not my style of music (this song, anyway), I think production wise you have done a great job. As I listen, there’s nothing that stands out as an issue.
Personally, I’d bring up that wah synth, especially in the chorus (the rider line - not sure if that’s chorus as such). I’d even be ok with it slightly fighting with your vocals as it’s such a strong piece in that chorus, really gives it energy!!!
This is you on vocals? That backing vocal “She was the backstage queen” is fantastic!!!

Reminds me of Beastie Boys mixed with 90’s dance hits. Bloody awesome!

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Just the same!
For this track, I do like the production, it’s very effective I think.

For the purpose of knowledge, I would be curious to listen more about the band but I didn’t find anything more than Mike Senior’s comment: