"East Berlin" rough mix

Alright. Bash it. I’m having too much trouble relying on my own ears for my own music. A little biased I guess.

Here we go:

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Cool sounding track! Just listening at work on my cruddy Auditek 2.1 speakers, but I’m diggin the track. I’ll have to have a listen on a better system when I get home.

BTW, feel free to upload the mp3 directly to the site player (it’s very easy - just drag and drop the mp3 into the text box) - you’ll probably get more comments that way.

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Having a listen on my studio system - still sounds very good from this POV.

It’s a big sounding kick drum, but it seems to suit the track. I like the different sounding vocal ambience - it sets the vocals back a little in the soundstage, but that kind of treatment really suits the atmosphere of the song.

To my ears you’re definitely on the right track here - Nice work!

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Like this. Nice vocal and high voice. Intro a little long for me. Great vibe…nicely done

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Good song, very 80’s vibe (drums, vocals, pads). Seems like a big revival going on! I liked the original ending to the song. The modulation at 0:53 got my attention (where the hell is this going to?) but it works.
The drums are typical for the era, but maybe a bit of variation in the drumloop might make them more exciting. Also, if you really want the eighties sound consider putting a gated reverb on the snare. Or maybe there’s one on already, and I’m not hearing it on my laptop speakers.
I can’t say anything worthwile about the mix because of that. But I guess if it sounds fine on your laptop it’s saying something about the overall balance anyway.

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to my ears the vocals get a little lost in the second half of the intro? by the way have you ever listened to tragically hip. if not that might be a good band to reference.

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Can’t help much with eq related stuff because I’m on my work speakers, but overall, I really like the way you laid a solid bed in the composition and built on it. Guitar tone is great on the solo, and the harmony is well mixed too (2:53). Vocals are well done too, and the levels are well thought out. Everything has its place. It is also nice to hear the ambience, seems like people have gotten away from that in the last few years. Can’t comment on the kick drum, since it is really not there on my speakers. All in all, very well done. I kind of wish it would have grabbed my interest a little quicker, but that was on one listen. Great job.

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I’ve never heard to them. I’ll have to check them out.

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Hey @Aef ! Definitely was not going for an 80s vibe but I do love 80s music (I’ve been on a Police kick for awhile now). The mix is as rough as that drum loop - it’s really meant to act as a placeholder until I can find me a drummer that can replace the VI.

I’m glad the change-up got your attention. I’ve always liked that about certain genres of music, certain bands that do that. I get a lot of inspiration from music like that.

@ColdRoomStudio I’m glad you noticed the vocal ambiance. Yeah, I wanted the vocals to sit back a little bit. I wanted the listener to strain just a bit to hear what I’m saying. For some, it’s a draw. For others, I’m sure it’s annoying.

Yeah, that kick is big. I thought of toning it down, but I kind of like it. It’s almost too big for the song. I’ll play with it a bit.

Thanks for the feedback!

@feaker Thank you for the feedback. You’re not the only person to mention the intro being a bit long, so it’s something I might look at. I’m glad you liked it.

@StylesBitchley Appreciate the feedback. It’s a tricky thing getting the mix right. I’m still not done arranging or tracking the song, so I know as I progress, maintaining that balance will be key. Have a good night!

My bash is this…drop the first 1:21 minutes of it.
I love the rest of the song from this point on!
To add a few more minutes to a then 2 minute song use the same 23 seconds of intro.
Using my headphones from the laptop, the balance seems great.