Ear training

Ear training


Free and paid versions for daily ear training


I got this the other day, havent started on it yet though

code “urm” for 10% off


I quite like this site. I used it every morning for about a month, then took a break because I knew I would be too busy. I’ll probably get back into it soon. It’s pretty fun and I think it really helped me to listen more critically. I did the paid version. I also like how they’re always making improvements. Seems like something that will be around for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if more of these kinds of sites start popping up as well. Hell I’d kind of like to make one, lol.


so far its massively demoralizing. im going to go to the mirror just to verify that i actually have ears



No long speeches… let’s celebrate! For the next 48 hours we offer you a Pro membership for 20% off.

Today is SoundGym 2nd birthday. Cake, excitement. Yeah!

It’s been a fantastic year for us at SoundGym with new audio games, new school and many new members. We want to thank you personally for being a loyal SoundGym member and helping us make something special.


bump. This one seems to fit this thread.

In case it’s not clear, you can rerun the test and it will ask you to match with different settings.


Sound gym doesn’t have a game like this, but I’ll recommend they do. Thanks for the link.