Dude, like, where's the bass drum?!

Dude, like, where's the bass drum?!


Cool. Now, what drums software did you use, because that bass drum sounds better than the two I got with Groove Agent One…


He used voodoo and black magic to make the kick track :wink:


Seriously though, @ColdRoomStudio does some amazing work!


I used Slate’s Trigger 2 - one of the Deluxe kicks (I can’t remember which one, but there are only two to choose from) - close mic only. Trigger detects transients “live” on the audio track, but it’s ultimately the same thing/principle as hit points.


And seems to do a better job than the results I’m getting. Even when I really lower the threshold.


Here’s an early attempt:

So, still a nice job on the snare, but it’s not getting much definition of the hi-hat hits for me to replace with the kick drum. This screengrab shows what it’s managing to get.

And again with a lower threshold, but note the highlighted section where it’s picked up no events at all:


Huh! I actually used Reaper’s “Dynamic Split” or “Split Beats at Transient” tool (which is just another transient detection algorithm) to just pull out the “1&” and “3&” beats for trigger to work from. It worked really well, apart from one or two misses that just entailed me finding the transient by eye.


Am assuming this is not free (I’m currently unemployed, so if it’s not free or not something I’ve already got, then I’ll have to make do)


Reaper is free to download and use for 60 days. Even after that, you can use it fully-functional without buying a licence, although you have a nag screen every time you open it. Even so, a non-commercial licence is only $60.


Great help and info, Andrew. Thank you, so much.

Here’s my progress so far (nearly there! - but I’m tired so I’m going to bed):


St. Anger version.



NOT what I was aiming for (though I do like that song)!


(And if ever there was a recording that needed some drum replacement, I think it has to be that one!)



Sounding good! Glad you’re making progress!



I’m playing around with Reaper but find myself wondering what settings you used, because I’m either getting not much or way too much:


Ah, I think I’ve answered my own question. ‘Min slice length’ seems to help a lot!


Gotta love the “Drop Empty Keg on Concrete” snare preset they used. Very annoying. The video itself is confounding too. I feel like I need to wash after that one for some reason.


Sounding pretty good from Reaper…


Make sure you tell him what a pain in the ass this was so he appreciates you even more.