Drumagog or similar?

I am looking for drum replacement plugins, what would you suggest?
I only know of Drumagog and its 3 different offers:

Basic looks fine if it weren’t for lack of midi and pitch control, otherwise I think the other two are overkill as I want a no frills platform.

Any other software that can achieve similar results? No dongle, I am running Studio One 32 bit ver. 2.5 at the moment, although have the upgrade to 3.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and find some kind of sale but the “PRO” at $100 seems a little salty :slight_smile:

Slate Trigger Platinum - its on sale for $49 at the moment


I found the built in sampling of Logic to be just fine. Granted I haven’t used samples in quite some time. If you have decently recorded tracks using sound radix’s Drum leveler can get you really close to the same thing but without the phase issues accociated with drum augmentation. If you are looking for total replacement then slate or drumagog are both excellent.

Don’t I need dongle for Slate?

Ah…yes… but I think they throw in a free iLok.

Here’s a non-dongle product - it’s $149 though, and more for expansion packs (Trigger Platinum is an expanded version already)


I’m the done with the dongle garbage. If there were another way to license it, $49 is great.