Drum Recording with Steve Albini

This has to be one of the - if not the - best drum recording videos I’ve watched. Lots of information and great audio demonstrations too:


Cool video. His sound on In Utero is incredible, even if the recording as a whole was rough.

No minimalist micing for him. Dear God.

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Yeah, I thought it was great - He gets right into detail about why he makes certain choices, but he doesn’t wax poetic or fetishise gear. He just uses clear eyed, well explained reasoning to back up his decisions.

From about 18:30 on he outlines his personal “hierarchy of importance” in the drum recording chain, which is quite enlightening - particularly his viewpoint of mic preamps.

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I’m glad that when he started talking about preamp issues, he actually described what the real issue is with certain preamps and microphone pairs. Mostly scratchy pots and minimum of 20dB of gain.

Actually, I thought he did a great job of explaining his reasoning to pretty much everything.


Great video!! I love how he underlined how the highest priority is a killer sounding source.


Thanks for sharing this particular moment with Steve… I didn’t expect all those technical aspects with the title “Drum recording” :+1:

First thought then, I googled “Steve Albini Pensado’s Place” but it seems it wasn’t happen but there are some Mix with the Masters videos…

Again, great food for thought!

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