Download Original Multitracks from Major Artists

Interesting, from ProTools Expert …

" Presonus, makers of Studio One, have announced a new service, Mix The Music, a new online store specialising in multitrack audio files that enable users to legally download and re-mix songs using the original multitrack files as recorded by major artists and film/game composers."

Cool. Wonder how much it’ll cost.

More info here:

BHa! They stole my idea! Everything except the part about “major artists” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Nice. Ahead of your time, you are!

FYI, for any forum members who have not listened to Andrew’s album, it is quite outstanding. Masterfully mixed, mastered and also the arrangements and musicianship is first class. First time I listened to it I was floored. Do check it out if you haven’t already.

Andrew, when you first released this you posted something about offering a free download to forum members if they contact you. Is that still a standing offer?

That’s right - just hit me up via pm if anyone wants a copy.
(While the first three songs are fee in multitrack form on Cambridge-MT Download Library, full multi-tracks of all songs on the album are only available with purchase of album from Bandcamp)

I didn’t know that was you .You learn something everyday