Don't Forget Our Bet, a new blues rocker by Ingo and Steve

Don't Forget Our Bet, a new blues rocker by Ingo and Steve

I sent these lyrics based on a true story to Ingo, in need of a tune, and he replied with the bass, organ, drum and rhythm guitar midi tracks for the intro/interlude, verse, chorus and ending.

It turned out to be the blues, much to my delight! Admittedly I made it a lot busier and made it blues rock, complete with two drummers.

I predict about 50% of the potential listeners will like it, those who like the blues, of course.

Honestly I have never done a real blues song before, even though I love the blues, so it was a great privilege to get to do this. I think I’m getting settled into my new old upgraded laptop. The other day I discovered I had to Run As Administrator Reaper or all my VST instruments wouldn’t load. Maybe they were 32 bit and not 64, I don’t know for sure, but that seemed to solve that problem.

That said, any and all criticisms are welcome. It is political humor, so I also predict slightly less than 50% won’t find it very funny, especially my stepfather-in-law who has yet to pay up!

He’s probably waiting for March 4 or 14th, or whatever timeline people are predicting the sham administration will be thrown out by the military for crimes against humanity. Just a theory. :wink: (nevermind the Trump 9/12/18 Executive Order about foreign interference in elections)

You are probably right, Stan! I probably will wait until after then to call him.

Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows. I don’t believe most of the mainstream mania news, and the alternative stuff can be very speculative. It’s just the chatter I have been observing that some things may come to pass. It does look like some things are starting to fall apart. Presumably, not much if anything will come about from the Trump impeachment in the Senate (political theatre), and now the TJ Ducklo scandal, the Lincoln Project (John Weaver) debacle, and the Cuomo “death panel” coverup. Presumably there’s more to come.

Interesting stuff going on here. Interesting choice to have that second snare panned hard right. Not sure I like it and would possible pan they keys a or another melodic instrument to compliment the guitar on the left and then pan the snare centre.
Music is awesome and provides a great backdrop for your story telling styled delivery. I love that stabbing electric guitar too on the offbeat.
I wonder if there should be a little more diversity across the verses, pulling some instruments out for some short sections to provide a little more push and pull throughout? Just a thought.

Was fun to listen to!

Thank you for checking out my music! There is a good chance we voted for different people on a particular recent election, yet I still found some humor in some of the lyrics. There is some looseness to the timing, but it fits in with topic of the lyrics and the fact there is humor in the lyrics. The piano seems to be kind of a honky-tonk barroom style which fits. Whether they lean to the Left or Right, it seems many political leaders will lie (and worse), flip-flop, or do whatever it takes to gain power. The American political system may leave a lot to be desired, but how many countries do it better?