Don't forget Bandcamp Fridays!

Don't forget Bandcamp Fridays!

Hey folks.
You all know how much I adore Bandcamp.

For those who are unaware of their “BandCamp Fridays” - On the first Friday of each month, waive their fees (which are remarkably low at about 10-15% of each music sale!) to help support artists during the pandemic. They’ve done this for the last year and a bit.
It is bandcamp Friday as I speak, maybe a few hours in.

I use this little site to let me know if it is or is not based on my time zone (which makes it mostly bandcamp Saturday here in Australia).

So if you have anything on bandcamp, it may be a good tiem to promote it leading up to and on those days. I just picked up @ColdRoomStudio’s album just now along with another 8 albums/eps from my wishlist!
Rock on peeps!


Thanks Dan - you’re a champion :trophy:

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I don’t buy it unless it’s good!!! :smiley:

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