Does anyone use job sites like Fiverr or Thumbtack?

Anyone know of other sites like Fiverr and Thumbtack you can use to bid on audio jobs?

I’m curious to see the responses on this. I’ve only used fiverr in the past.

Fiverr isn’t really about bidding for jobs. The function does exist, but Fiverr is more about the buyer searching for and engaging a service provider, than advertising a project people bidding for it.

I set up an audio engineer profile on Thumbtack on May 25th. I’ve been notified of over 600 requests for studio services within a 125 mile radius of my home town.

The way it works is that clients posts “I need an engineer for __________”, and all local engineers in your geographic region can see it. Here’s what it looks like.

You look over the description, and message the client with a ‘bid’. Only 5 contractors can bid. They you book it,

Then you record them…

Here’s what you see when you bid…

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The nice thing about Thumbtack it manages each individual person, and each individual job without having to sort through emails and handwrite schedules. The workflow is really nice. There are some times when I’ve had to go to really lengthy conversations about details which you can do on Thumbtack. But these two projects moved to phone and text as soon as they they clicked the ‘sounds good what’s next’ button.

It’s a very expensive service, but you make your money back real real fast.

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Could you post the link to your profile at Thumbtack to check it out?


This is actually a little tricky…I don’t know how to do it without submitting you a quote for a project. Its not like Soundcloud where there’s an open profile everyone can simply view.

Just so you know, the pro pays every time we submit a quote. So every time someone posts a job, you have to pay to bid on it…that catches a lot of people off guard.

If you were wanting to check out the service, p.m. me your email, and i’ll send you an invite. Follow the links on the invite, and it’ll give us both free bid credits if you use my referral link. I think you can only view my profile if you’re registered as a competing pro in my geographical area. But if not, I’ll email thumbtack and see if theres a way to just show the profile.

LOL. And people actually do that?