Does anyone know of a good 'explainer video' for WHAT A PRODUCER DOES?

Anyone know of a clear concise semi-intimated cartoony or CGI video that gives a clear depiction of what a music producer does? I’m gonna commission one from Fiverr unless there’s one out there I can use. But man have I burned through hours of time lately trying to explain to musicians why I will not work with them unless they have one. (Unless they’re like some people on here who show enough competency as an independent artist to see their own process through.)

Lately I’ve been using a comparative analogy of how a music producer is like a film director. Or trying to explain how they’re like a touring MD (music director), except for the studio instead of the live stage. I get that some artists want to produce their own stuff, and have the right to make that call. But I have to figure out how to communicate that I’m not gonna sit here and mash the record button for them while they figure out what they’re gonna play, and how they’re gonna organize their workflow. I have better and more productive stuff to be working on that will be of greater benefit to the long term career goals. I could do what nearby studios are doing and hike the prices for tracking up to $100 an hour, but that’s pretentious and arrogant. As a newly branded re-start, I don’t want to come across as obnoxious and overpriced.

So what I started doing is targeting local producers that specialize in different music styles. Then when a client comes by, I get the producer over here, and we pitch the services and facility as a package. Then I bow out and let the producer take the entire project at his/her facility until it’s at the mix down stage. Flat rate for the producer + hourly tracking cost + flat rate for mixing, and we don’t do mastering, duplication, or graphic art.

Does anyone know any tips or pointers I could use in communicating/explaining what a producer does, why they are needed, and what they bring to the table?

…I’ve found matching up artist and producers is a bit like matching up guitar teachers or personal trainers. Personality and fit are super important. To the same extent that musical strenghts/musical needs must match as well. An understanding of the clients vision and ultimately the ability to stay within the clients budget.

I feel you go with certain producers for their style. If you want to sound like Hendrix Eddie Kramer would be your first choice type thing. I also think they work in the interest of the label sort of a contracts manager on a building site ,hiring gear drums mics etc if needed .They keep people moving forward as quickly as possible with the project and pretend they are interested in peoples opinions and views. They try to keep the mood and vibe good by being chef skinner upper and mr nice guy but will get what they want from you at the end of the day. If I was a producer these are a few things I think would be expected of me.


hehe, pay someone to make you a video along these lines

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Thanks Andrew…thats’ the best one I’ve seen so far. Actually, thats the first one I’ve seen so far lol. These are pretty tough to find.

I haven’t seen any short videos about it, but I do remember when I learned what a producer does. It was from a course on, geared towards people who actually want to be producers. But it covered things I hadn’t really thought about, because the word “producer” gets overloaded these days. It always seems to get lumped in with “beat making,” lol. And maybe because so many people make their music at home, which is still music production–but it’s not at all like the process that happens when you get many other professionals involved.