Does anyone know how to make a picture that looks like this?

Hey, is there a free software program that can take a screenshot, slant it on an angle, then apply gradient shading over half? I want a shot of ProTools with the Avid logo for the website but I need to write something different in the black space…or would it be easier to take the PT12 Now Available out of the one here?

Yep. Any decent photo programme. Just use gradient tool to go from black to clear and make sure you get the black far enough across to leave room for your words. Send my the original pic and I’ll do it for you.

Couldn’t resist popping in to help you out JK.

Sweeeeet! I can use that. I’m sure avid won’t mind.

I couldn’t figure out how to slant it on the Z axis or whatever they did to make it look like that.

It looks to me like they used a camera to get that slant.

If you need any more help @Jonathan hit me up! (Sample of My skills)