Does anyone else experience clogged ears after recording for a few hours?

I know I am going deaf from playing my music and headset too loud for many years. But I find after a few hours of recording with a headset on and even with it off, I have an extremely clogged ear feeling in both ears. I spend the next day yawning constantly to get it to pop but it never seems to work. Any suggestions here?

A lot of monitoring can be done at low volume, maybe try that. And then get your hearing checked, it’s very valuable and we should all take good care of it.

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Same here. I try to clean my ears a couple of times per year using a ear wax flush kit and that seems to help.

I use closed back headphones and they get warm inside after a few hours. Do open back designs breathe better ?

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Open back designs are definitely better for longer sessions.

Just try to set some kind of timer to remind you to take a break every 30 mins or so so you don’t get ear fatique.

I played in bands since I was 12 years old and honestly the most damage I did to my hearing was as recording engineer, even the loud concerts and practices didn’t do so much damage as mixing for 8-12 hours on the clock at moderate levels.


Yes, It is definitely the headset is the problem.

I tried that this morning and yes, it helps. I think the problem with is some kind of damage to the ear and for me it is probably less to do with wax.

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