Does anybody use those Avantone/Auratone/Behritone monitors?

Just curious to know if anybody uses these things and gets any use out of them. Reviews online seem to indicate that they are great, but the same could be said of pretty much every piece of studio gear ever made.

Just curious to know if anybody uses them and likes them or if it’s just kind of a gimmick.

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Sorry man. Can’t help you there.

I’m curious also. I’d love to hear some insight!

I just picked up a used pair. It seems like the consensus is to just use a single one for mono tests, but I’m all around kind of skeptical of the idea. I guess I’m having a hard time understanding what this will accomplish over just setting up a plugin that has a high pass and low pass filter that is summed to mono.

Oh well. I have an extra output on my monitor controller, so I guess it will go to these. I won’t even be able to test them until I get back, which won’t be for a few more weeks.

Haha that’s pretty true isn’t it.

I have some cheap (they were actually free, lol,) 2.1 computer speakers that I use to get an idea of how something will sound in the car, but haven’t tried those mix cube things. I figured that they were overpriced for just getting that crappy speaker sound. If you want a crappy speaker might as well get the real thing. :slight_smile:


If you want a crappy speaker might as well get the real thing

This should go into the Hall of Fame for logic and clarity. In fact, it could be the basis for a startup:


The best sounding crappy speakers you’ll ever own. Here at CRAPPY, we know what you need: a crappy speaker that will show you how your mix will sound in 98.625% of the systems it will be played on, via the breathtaking, breakthrough CRAPOLIZER DSP. With one touch of a button, you can dial in presets such as 1.THUD: Bass flatulence that tickles 2.HEARTBURN: Low-mid buildup, adjustable from just audible to artery blocking 3. HONKYTONE: Emulates 1965 jukebox from Mickey Gilley’s bar 4. ICEPICK: With this presets’ stunning harshness you’ll feel like you’ve been abusing your ears for 2 years in a Brooklyn hoopty within 30 seconds. As if that’s not enough, we also thrown in Frozen Tweeter, Phase Screw, Ripped Cone, and Crossover Failure at no additional cost.

If you want a crappy speaker, get the REAL DEAL: CRAPPY.


Yeah, that’s kind of what I always thought as well. Really, what I paid for in these was XLR/TRS inputs and the form factor. I paid $100 for the pair, and they’re pretty hard to find used, so I figured it was low enough to categorize as an experiment.

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I own a pair BOZ had them for a year now I do most of mixing on them before using the focals to finish. they are solid speakers and well built. I very please with how they work and after the burn in time they have stayed very consistent

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So I finally got these hooked up. I haven’t actually tried doing any mixing on them, but man, I’m skeptical about how much I’m going to like them. They almost make me feel like my ears are full of water. I’m seriously find myself yawning trying to unplug my ears.

I thought about picking up a pair of these. Then I found out Bob Clearmountain (I think…it was either him or CLA) ripped a pair of speakers out of a macbook and wired them to the center section of the console. I did the same. Been using them ever since.

I really value translation, but I also really value clarity. I think at a certain point it personal mixing preferences come into play. I guess I’m the opposite of Danny on this one. I like to build on the Focals and then check translation the macbook speakers.

Now, there’s some down home engineering. Using a Zaxby’s cup is an informed choice since I’m pretty sure the back pressure is perfect. Do you prefer cap on or off, and why aren’t you using the straw for diffusion?

Dude! Join @Stan_Halen and I in saving our planet! Reduce, re-use, and recycle man!!!

The hell are you talking about??? This has nothing to do with back pressure. Everyone knows that Zaxby’s cups are clearly a more resonant grade of styrofoam than a Burgerking or Wendys cup!! That’s acoustically and sonically proven man. Duuhhhhh. Come one dude…didn’t you read Killer Home Recording? lol haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

I threw it away…so that would be… ‘off’.

…because I threw it away too. :frowning:

Okay, that answers a lot of my questions. I wonder how many days you could get out of toothpicking the speakers straight to the chicken strips onto the console. (The batter would have natural absorbtion)·

@bozmillar, the guy who just sold me those CAD mics that I gave to my intern has a pair of Avantone monitors he wanted to trade. He needs a multi-channel interface. I have about 15 of them dumb things, and would gladly trade one for a pair of those cubes, but only if its any good…so what did you decide? Are they usable?

I also still have those mono price speakers all over the place, so I’m not short on speakers…I was wondering if they actually help anything with your mix. I’m probably gonna have to get him to bring them over and audition them before buying them…the question is if its worth my time to try.

@dgarner, which ones do you have?

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I don’t know. I’m still undecided. I haven’t actually had time to sit down and mix a song using them, so I’m reserving my judgement until then. I do feel like you could easily get the same effect by putting a high pass and low pass filter on any other monitor. In fact, I’m considering making a plugin that does exactly that. Hi Pass/Low Pass with a mono switch. But again, I haven’t actually put it to the test other than listening to music through them, which is something I wouldn’t ever do for enjoyment.

What do you think of those Monoprice monitors? I’m liking them less and less as time goes on. In fact, I’ve reverted back to using my krk’s with a sub over the monoprice. I feel like those monoprice monitors are have a very deep notch at the crossover. I did a quick measurement once and saw the notch, but I kind of assumed it was the reflection off my desk, but now I want to go back and check again. And the tweeter seems so bloody bright, even when turned down as far as it goes.

I only did a couple mixes on them. I needed them when the studio caught fire 2 years ago. They were in a box in my house, so they didn’t get damaged with the rest of the stuff when the building burned down. Nothing struck me as odd or bizarre with them, but I was attempting to mix with a laptop in a hotel room, so I probably wouldn’t have known anyway, especially when I was mostly desperate just to not the circumstances cost me any long term clients. I guess I didn’t spend enough time with them to know.

Hmm…all 6 pairs are out on loan to friends at the moment. I’m about to recall a pair from my bass player though, because my new intern needs them at his house.

Ha. You got 6 pairs? They were so bloody cheap during that sale.

Oops. I meant 3 pairs. 6 speakers lol.

I’m not a fan Johnny boy. As Boz said they sound like they’re under water. The top end is just undefined and the low midrange is ridiculous. There are better and cheaper ways to listen to your mixes on a shitty setup. I have some subpar Westlake’s for my shit monitors now. Much more satisfied with them.