Do you sync Finale/Sibelius to your DAW or use the built in score editor?

Eh guys. If you need a score printed do you work in your DAW or attach a notation program to the timeline? Or do you make do with the score editor (which just about all DAWs have at this point)?

Just curious.

so far i have used the daw score editor. I am always disappointed that it can’t write the drums in actual drum notation.

It’s a rare enough situation for me that I just use the one built into reaper. I’m sure people who are more serious about it would use something else though.

I’m using Sibelius, haven’t linked it to my DAW yet. I’ve heard you can do it with a 3rd party app so that it becomes a midi controller but I don’t know. Steinberg is developing Dorico; I’d like to see that link to Cubase, that could be a great combination.

You’re a Sonar guy…right? Can’t remember…

I agree that DAW editors usually can’t handle drum notation worth a damn. The other thing most don’t do well are lead sheets like…

/ / / / | / / / / | / / / / :|| and stuff

And I rarely get to use the stock score editors to the point where you can just make your arrangement and print it. Because the score editors on DAWs seem to get a bit confused when you start to do alternate endings, al segno, codas…hell, even a da capo al fine can mess up Logic.

If reaper keeps pouring creative juices into their R&D they’ll have a hell of a score editor in a few years. Assuming they don’t toss it on the back burner. I was quite excited when I saw they’d added one.

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I’m using Sibelius, haven’t linked it to my DAW yet. I’ve heard you can do it with a 3rd party app so that it becomes a midi controller but I don’t know. [/quote] Dude…why a 3rd party app? To link it, just open the DAW, wait until the DAW is fully loaded and launch Sibelius. It automatically detects the DAW timeline and the transports lock instantly. To link them you literally just launch one, then the other and off you go.

I think avid had the numbnut idea of trying to merge Sibelius into the native architecture of pro tools. Different people have different takes on the success/failure of the Sibelius acquisition. Avid doesn’t appear very interested in improving Sibelius. The last few updates have been to make it cloud compatible, to instantiate a subscription fee, and to make it work on an iPad or Tablet or whatever. There are a lot of bad things that suck ass and they don’t give a damn what their users need.

I hope Steinberg has some success with Dorrico. But its unclear to me what they’re doing better than Make Music. Make Music is a GREAT company with outstanding support and resources. I respect any company that is disciplined enough to do one thing and do it well.

I can get Sibelius to send audio to Reaper by setting up Rewire, but what I want is to use East West audio library in Reaper with all of the instruments/articulations available. Sibelius audio isn’t as good, and the manual says Sib won’t send midi into Rewire.

The Sib forum says you can send midi with LoopBe30 installed and Rewire set up. Otherwise you have to import a midi track which is what I do now.

By Make Music you mean Finale I guess, I tried it and it’s very good, I’m subscribing to Sibelius now but we’ll see, they’re both expensive.

But when I start Reaper and then start Sibelius without setting up Rewire there is no connection.

Yep it is sonar, I actually have not looked at what the new version can do. It may be something have worked on.

Check out the Finale competitive cross grade. I think it gets you the full version of for less than $200.

Haven’t tried it with Reaper. Do you have another DAW you can test it with?

I don’t have another DAW to test Sibelius with. I’m getting work done and learning how to use audio libraries with my current set up so I’m good for a while at least. I hope to post some results for bashing soon.

We’ll see how the industry does with linking DAW to score, I’ll probably make some changes in the future. Thanks for the Finale suggestion, might be the way to go.

I don’t know if you are set on the East West audio library, but if not, you might want to look at Wallender Instrument’s Noteperformer.

My results from a trial copy have been rather good. However I didn’t have a particular use for it at the time.

Good suggestion, thanks, I haven’t demoed Noteperformer but my impression is that it’s better than the sounds that are packaged with Sibelius and it’s reasonably priced. Like the Sib sounds it does a lot of the mix work for you assuming that you’re in an orchestral format and not wanting to get too creative with the more DAW related elements.

Right now I’m on the East West subscription at $30/mo. which will quickly exceed the price of Noteperformer so there’s that, although you can turn off the subscription if you are not actively using it. The main appeal of EW for me at the moment is the 10,000 instruments (they say) and I get to spend lots of time in the browse mode, not always productively.

Quality audio libraries seem to be quite expensive and I’m not ready to commit at the moment since really I’m still learning how to use EW. I’ll probably have to rethink this all pretty soon I guess, and I hope to post on the BTR thread soon to get some guidance here.