Do you sing on key....this app to help?

Do you sing on key....this app to help?


I liked the gal that did this video. ha ha


ooh that looks like a cool toy to try out… have you downloaded it Paul??


Hi Emma I haven’t ever downloaded an app. I will see my granddaughter Grace on Tuesday and have her do it. I don’t think it will help on my flat notes while singing tho. ha ha Drives me crazy tho when I hear really good songs with the singer way off key.



Ha, but she’s too nice. :smirk: Do a Randy Jackson and get to the point: “Dog, you’re pitchy!” Actually she’s not “too nice”, she’s very sweet, just a bit dawdly and lengthy for a “here try this” video. I thought it was funny she’s got a ~$60k grand piano behind her, probably charges $60+ per hour for vocal training, and doesn’t want her students to pay for a $4 vocal app to help them sing professionally some day. :roll_eyes: BTW, the app is only iOS/iPhone. Bummer.

“Who doesn’t love points!?” I want my Jolly Rancher!!! :rofl:


I like this side of her a bit better. She actually does lots of daily blog videos or something, one was on a skateboard with a GoPro or something, and she’s talking about music while boarding.
Musicians! Stop Noodling!


awww… so that’s why it’s not in my play store, yawn…